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Pressed cookies

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This holiday season I have made several recipes of cookies to "press" out of a cookie press. Four batches were perfect, the fifth one wouldn't release and stay on the pan. I chilled the dough more, that didn't help, chilled the pan and that didn't help much either. Any suggestions?
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Questions like this are difficult to respond to without seeing the recipe. Was the recipe you used for the fifth batch a different recipe than the previous four? Was it a recipe specifically created for making spritz cookies? If you chilled the dough and it still didn't work and this recipe was different than the others, I'd say try another recipe unless you did not soften the butter first before incorporating the flour.
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I make cookie press cookies every year for the holidays. The one time that I had problems with them was due to the fact that I added water to the dough because it seemed to firm to me. My mistake was that I was in a rush and I didn’t allow the butter to warm to room temperature. That was why I had too firm dough and compensating with water made it kind of slick. It wouldn’t stick to the pan. My advice is to make sure that your butter is at room temperature. I hope that helps.

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I think you have solved the problem! I used the same identical recipe, except the color and type of coloring. The one that wouldn't release was made with liquid food coloring. The others were paste.
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amatuer andma,

To avoid the issue of pastes which contain glycerin and liquids, consider using powdered food color which will not affect the liquid content of recipes as much as the other types and will last much longer.
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