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The Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Examinations are administered through the provincial and territorial certification and apprenticeship offices
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What are the professional cooks line guides level 1-3? Where can I obtain those?

:chef: Sarah
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"It's actually called Professional Cooking 8 by Wayne Gisslen. I know this because I own it. It was our 1st and 2nd semester textbook at Fleming."
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The CCC is not required to teach in certain places.  the reason being is that the CCC is a designation made by the ccfcc which is a voluntary association which does not have governance over provincial and federal jurisdictions.  It also only represents a small percentage of chefs and cooks throughout the country by paying members(of which I have been for 15 years).  Like in an above post it was mentioned that a red seal with a diploma in post secondary education is the minimum in a lot of places.  Degrees in education are a bonus and often reflect in various pay scales

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Hay steve

 i been working in the kitchen about 10 years now. Small restaurants to banquet halls and catering companies. I am gonna write the red seal exam any tips for me. thank you. My email address is gowthamant@hotmail.com. I really thanking to you.

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In Ontario, they rotate 5 separate tests, all multiple choice, 100 questions. Pretty much covers everything, but heavy on food safety and some front of the house as well. Couple of tossers for questions (temperature of Swiss meringue??). You only need 70%, personally I think it should be 80, but it is what it is. Just try to get as much under your belt as possible, and it helps if the chef signing off your book actually takes the time and effort to make sure you are doing things correctly before signing off. If you're taking your test after culinary school, and are a registered apprentice, there is a $2000 windfall for passing the seal right now. Good luck!

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I always browse the book sections of second hand bookstores and Goodwill and Value village etc.  Last year I found 'On Cooking' 3rd edition for 5.99 in Kamloops.  Also try Kijiji with an ad..... 

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i have been a kitchen manager for the last year and still have no papers at all period, I walked into the industry with a passion for cooking and now I want it as a career.  How do I start the red seal program and how do I get the papers signed, I have my 6000hrs already

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I will be doing my exam shortly , i am from Vancouver bc  , i had been studying from the book (on cooking and ita professional cook 1 / 2 / 3 ).i have 10 year experience . 

Does anyone know where i can get a mock exam? 

or any advice will be appreciated.

Thanks .

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I am in the same boat, been cooking for almost 10 years now, have learnt everything I can get my hands on, but I don't have that piece of paper, so I am about to take the plunge and challenge the Red Seal here in B.C. I know the stuff, I do alot of it on a daily basis, but freeze up in tests. I am trying to find anything I can on what I need to know. My executive chef, lucky for me was a Red Seal Instructor, so he is kinda telling me what I need to go over, since he knows my weak spots.  He is telling me to go over my primals, mother sauces and pastries. I would love to get my hands on a textbook they use, but it all comes down to the money. Good luck to you, study hard, and have the confidence that you know it, maybe not to be able to write in on paper, that's my problem, but can do it hands on with some ease...... lol. 

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I am in Victoria and would love to know the same thing. Something to go on....

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I'am getting ready to do my Red Seal exam soon, from reading the posts here I have what I need to do, I am currently getting the paper work done from my current employer (Chef) I have been in this field for many years now and am wanting to make a transition to Long term care facilities and/or the correctional institutes

yes I do have the required hours from my current work place 13,000+ hours  and transcripts from College.

Anyways there is a study guide for the professional chef book ans you can find it on amazon.

I am ordering my tomorrow to help with my studying  although I probably don't need it but won't hurt either.

even though I know my stuff for some reason I feel nervous. Maybe cause I haven't had to do a test in a long time.

Anyways I wish you luck !


any more advice would be most welcome

Thank you!!!

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