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For myself, my biggest kitchen related health issue right now is that I was just diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Sucks.  I've been having issues with my hands for several months and now my doctor's best advice to me is to change professions which doesn't really seem like an option I want to take.  Have any of you had to deal with CTS?  What did you do and what worked?  I'd like to avoid surgery if possible...


As to Dardeau, when I really wanted to quit smoking and just couldn't get anything to actually work, I finally went to a hypnotist and haven't smoked one since.  I used no patches, lozenges, gum, etc.  I walked out of the appointment and just felt no need for a cigarette since.  It feels like it was a magical solution.  PLUS!  Unlike most former smokers that I know, I don't feel all preachy when people are smoking around me, its cool, I'm fine.  I'd say its worth a try and if it works for you the price of it will pay for itself in the amount of money you save by not buying packs.

As to your Carpal Tunnel....I would have the surgery to "release" the torture you are putting yourself through. The prep for the surgery takes longer than the actual process and it is over in 2 hours. Recovery is quick and you do regain strength and nimbleness.  

I have trigger finger to deal with now. My hands lock in place when I hold a knife and I have to physically bend them back in place.

I have had cortisone once in both ring fingers. Next step for me will be the sheath release to help with the pain and stiffness.