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Worth a trip to KCMO

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In a neighborhood just South of the Country Club Plaza on Wornall Rd at 63rd Street resides a "Gem" of a place called Brookside Avenues Bistro.

For our last night as residents of Kansas City we decided to have our final meal there. I had been to the place several times before but last night things surpassed all my expectations for food and ambience. We started with the Crudite as an appetizer. Wonderfully presented in special and authentic European serviceware were an assortment of Marinated Pepperdew, Ciliegine Mozzarella, Tapanade and Sicilian olives Green olives that taste like black olives) served with a side of Crostini.

For the entrees I had the Chicken Carciofi ( Chicken roulade with Proscuitto, Fontina Cheese and asparagus, pan seared and topped with artichoke hearts and a shallot-butter sauce) and I chose sauteed spinach as my accompaniment. My wife and Mother-in-law had the Zurich style Jager Schnitzle with garlic mashed potatoes and my Father-in-law had the Bavarian Grill which was a Bratwurst and a Weisswurst sausage with potato pancakes and Sauerkraut made with red cabbage. For desert we had the Triple Chocolate Mouse cake and the Warm Apple Cake with Cream cheese Icing (a house specialty)

From the Sommelier and the "wine list of the ages" to the superb European influenced menu and the casual but ever-so-elegant service it is worth the short drive south of the Plaza for a visit. Even with as busy as it was for this 100 seat restaurant last night they even took the time to decant wines and set formal table settings for special parties.

Prices are very reasonable on both the menu and wine list (especially for the area) and we look forward to a visit when we return to KC to be with family.

Here is a link to the site Brookside Avenues Bistro
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Any one here from omaha ne or western iowa ???
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