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Playing with plates

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I've started playing with plates recently. One of my clients asked me to do a blackbox party in which each pair of guests drop off their protein at two and I have to create something by seven. Gets very interesting. But what I asked her to add was that it had to be from a local farmer. Got even more interesting. She was doing this party as a fund raiser for a local woman's shelter and I thought to take it a step further. Not just local food, but local everything. The woman's shelter was also part of a woman's community center where they did pottery, sculpture ect. So I got the women to make me 75 different plates and then we sold those plates after the dinner. Everyone loved it and my client ended up raising over 5500.00 for the shelter which was way more than she expected.
Anyways, it got me thinking about the world of plates. The colors, the shapes, just indenting one part of the plate to create a pool of sauce here and there. Plates for certain dishes. I actually stayed up until 4 am the other day thinking about this. Maybe it should be just left for fundraisers. Have any of you gone to for as to get plates specially designed for dishes? Or do I need a holiday?
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Thought on Playing with Plates

Fantastic idea!! This is an example of why I like this forum so much. May your fund-raisers always be successful.
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