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Charity knife auction

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In the spirit of the season and after the efforts many to try and do something nice with the things we all love Knives And Food!

This auction will be held at Foodie Forums

Ok so some of you are wanting to know why haven’t we seen knife auctions here before, well they are not allowed here at foodie forums but this has been blessed with the approval of Fred since it is a charitable event. This is pertaining the foodie forums rules.

Ok the the knife to be auctioned … it will be a Kikuichi YH21, a short bladed 210mm yanagi of hand forged aoko honyaki construction. It has an octagonal Ho wood handle and a pretty buffalo horn ferrule. The image url is: iam unable to post url.s at this point but if any one would care to help me out email me and I ll give you the link to post

Next is the charitable donation part, 100% of the proceeds of this auction will be donated to the chef2chef scholarship fund. They help aspiring chefs young and old alike attend culinary school. This cause is quite near to my heart I was unable to attend culinary school but yet I have fought my way out of the dish pit and into the chef coat. However I would like to help some of those that wish to attend but are unable to foot the bill solely on their own.

The rules for this auction are simple, it will be a secret bid that will be accepted by pm topics only Please do not post them in the open forum. The auction will start this at 12:00 noon central time Friday Dec. 29th and will conclude on 12:00 noon central time Jan.5th. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at john armr @msn .com if you take out all the spaces the email address works! I will be posting the highest bid once daily while the auction is underway. I will post the winner as soon as the auction has ended. Thank you everybody for participating and to all of those that have helped out and especially to Fred!


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If i have broken any rules please let me know i am not trying to harm anyone or thing just promote a good deed!
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