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We are planning a New Year's Eve buffet at my restaurant that will include a Southern/Soul food inlfluence.

I am not too familiar with portion requirements when it comes to greens.

How do greens cook down per pound per serving? I've read numerous recipes that call for three or 4 pounds of greens for a serving of 6 to 8.

Can that be right?

When I cook collards at home for New Year's day I just get one bunch for the two of us and I don't know about you, but a couple helpings of pork-fat simmered greens is pretty much all one can take.

What should I get for a buffet that may have to serve 100 to 150?

I am also going to serve herb-stuffed pork tenderloins: is parsley, sage, thyme, and garlic a good fresh-herb stuffing for slow cooked loin?

Thanks for your help.

*** grano salis
*** grano salis
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Yes, it can be right.

Collards cook low and slow and reduce quite a bit. I, too, have found that most recipes call for 1/2 pound raw collards per serving.

That said, it will all depend upon how the collards integrate into your menu. If you were serving plated meals and just have a bit of greens on otherwise filled plate, you can get away with significantly less per serving.

However, with a self-serve buffet it will all depend upon your other choices and, I imagine, the cultural-ethnic mix of your clientele. A bunch of Midwesterners will likely leave the greens largely untouched. Now, if you have a bunch of good-old-boys, they may hit them greens pretty hard.
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I agree with the per person fresh raw collard green at 1/2 pound. That's gonna be one expensive party :cool:
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Another reason why it takes so much to make up a serving is the trimming: once you cut out the big, tough rib in the middle of the leaf, you pretty much have something just a bit heavier than Swiss chard. (At home, I usually chop the ribs fine and cook them, too, but you can't really do that in a restaurant.)

As for your herb combination: perfect! :lips: :D
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
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I'm not a good ol boy, but....I make a 3 lb already cleaned bag o greens and we are a family of 5. 2 kids, 2 adults and a baby. We have maybe 1 serving left, they reduce a whole lot. BTW I don't use bacon, and for new years you need a lot for folding money luck!
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