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I met this great Chef?

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I met this guy who claimed himself was the ex-executive chef for a casino in Australia (i am not sure his title is true or not). Below are some of his recipes:

1. How to made a roux - Add enough plain flour to cold milk and mix until it becomes a paste --> Roux.
2. How to made the best veal stock - roast veal bones and mirepoix separaetly, then put them into a big pot together, add tomato paste, red wine and water bring to boil then simmer for 2 hours.

Some of his comments:
1. Egg benedict with English Muffine is a classical French Cuisine.
2. Frittata is also a French Cuisine dish.
3. Rotten chicken can be use to serve guest by using cold water and a little bit of vinegar to rinse off the smell.
4. All buffet hot food must cooked till the internal temperature reaches 80 degree C.

I am wondering would any of your chef out there do something like he did? What do you think of him? Isn't him a great chef? :) :) :)
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well he was a chef in a casino...i would only assume that he was proberbly trained at that same establishment to push out cheap food that was going to be eaten for free by drunk gamblers.with no GP to work with chefs adapt.ive seen this happen in hotels before...its not pretty but it does happen.
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Nah....he said he was trained in Regent and he was working inside casino's one of the most expensive buffet restaurant, I have been there 7 years ago before i met him. The cost was like AUD$58 per person (if i remember it right), at that time my opinion of the food was like what you produced in the toilet! After I met him, I know why :D :D :D
As an executive chef, you should know how to control your budget, where to source suppliers, how to cook probably etc. Once there was a function and this so called executive chef went to purchased AUD$50 worth of blood oranges, he asked one of his supervisor (wages of the supervisor approximately AUD$25p/h) to squeezed the blood oranges. It took the poor guy 45mins to squeezed all the juices out (cost of labor approximately $18.80). The juice is to be used for cocktail, but before any alcohol was added to it, the cost of the juice is already $68.80/L. I asked why didn't him go to buy the boiron blood orange puree which only cost $15/kg? He said he didn't have the time to source the supplier. Huh? I thought he was the executive chef in casino and yet he doesn't know where to source fruit puree???? Plus the booking was made one month in advance, I found his excuses unbelievable.:eek:

He doesn't have the budget to pay the chef for working half hour over time and yet he can afford to purchased expensive food from other suppliers for the same function I mentioned above. He purchased 30 tarts (goat cheese asparagus tart) for AUD$240. $240 for 30 small tarts, I wonder how this guy gets the job. He doesn't know how to cook probably, doesn't know how to control food cost, doesn't know where to source supplier, have no heart in cooking, cuts his food cost by feeding guests with rotten chicken and vegetables from rubbish bin to made soup.....and yet he is workign in one of the biggest company in Australia as the site manager.
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