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Crepe Maker Recommendation

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Hello. I am looking for recommendations for the best way to go with crepe makers as I start a small crepe vending stand business. I'll want to be able to prepare crepes for approx. 6 hours at a time. I'd like to start simple; but not so simple that I'm unsatisfied with the results. Recommendations? Propane/Gas vs. Electric, etc.? Also, good places to research good deals on the equipment I'll need are welcome. Thank you!
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Congratulations on your new business venture. My choice for a "self powered" crepe making machine would be propane. It's' more reliable, more controllable and more versatile than electric models. I also prefer to use portable equipment like this in "stripped down" models. What I mean is I wouldn't buy something that include condiment trays in the frame. I prefer just plain old crepe griddles with no fancy attachments. My condiment trays are always separate pieces. Krampouz makes a nice two griddle propane unit. Take a look at that.
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Thanks for the recommendation. I hadn't seen the Krampouz equipment yet, and it does look promising. I also appreciate the tip. It would be very easy to get sucked in to the notion of having everything self contained; but I can see how it would be limiting once I really figure out what I'm doing. It feels a little tricky up front though; figuring out how to create this portable, flexible environment that meets standards, etc...
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Here's a suggestion for setting up a test vending program that might help you make some critical decisions early in the process.
Create a plan on paper indicating what equipment you'll need and how you believe you might want to lay it out. Then, use the plan to create a working mock-up of your vending operation and, if you make adjustments in your plan at this stage, note the changes on the written plan. When it looks good to you, have a dry run at your intended operation by creating a few of the crepes to see how it works mechanically. Now, the frightening part. Invite about a dozen close friends to your patio/deck etc. for a noon-time crepe lunch. Set up a video recorder to monitor your EVERY move during this event. Give your guests anonymous response critique cards that they can mail back to you and implore them to give you honest responses. Use that experience, the critiques and your video to do a critical self evaluation. Watch the video several times and make notes on the problems you identify in your performance, placement of condiments and accessories, etc. I can assure you, based on my own experience, that this will go a long way in helping you decide if you still want to go into the business and, if you do decide to move forward in that regard, will dramatically reduce those unexpected problems that accompany every new business experience. Good luck. :eek:
My failures in life are few. The most blatant of these is my attempts at retirement. I've studied the process carefully but cannot begin to understand how it is done.
My failures in life are few. The most blatant of these is my attempts at retirement. I've studied the process carefully but cannot begin to understand how it is done.
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Great advice!!!


I'm also starting a Crepe making booth at the new "permanent" farmers market that opens here in late May. But come next year we expect it will be open Feb to November.


I've pretty well zeroed in on purchasing the Krampouz double gas burner, and agree with you about 'get a feel for it before choosing additional attachments', like the condiment tray.


I have been making crepes for quite a while for family and friendson an electric Tibos, but making them commercially requires speed and lots of preparation. Like you also suggested, I have been inviting friends over for crepe practicing parties.


I need advice on the Nutella sauce that I use and see them use in Paris creperies. Mine is always so thick that it is difficult to simply drizzle over the crepe like the pros do. Is it possible that it is heated to make it that runny?


Looking forward to hearing from you,



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Hi jrobert,


I am running crepe stand at the local farmer's market for couple of years already. First, to be able to drizzle nutella you have to mix it with heavy whipped cream. For two 26 oz. Nutella containers I use almost one 32 oz. heavy whipped cream. That will make 58 oz. nutella mix or 2 1/2 26 oz. squeeze bottles. Mix by hand first and then use mixer on slow speed to the desired consistency. You do not want to be too liquid, make it a bit thicker so it runs only when you squeeze the bottle.

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Is it possible that I can e mail you on your personal e mail account?  I am also trying to start a crepe vending business and my first farmer's market is in 10 days!  I have a million questions on what to do.....please let me know if I can contact you.


Thank you!



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Hi Dean. I am just starting to look into purchasing a crepe machine and starting a business on the side. The writing is on the wall at work - starting to outsource. I have been wanting to do this for quite some time now. I put aside money for this investment - ANY advise you can offer as far as starting up the business would be much appreciated!

- ABiz (Toni)

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Electric or gas?  Sacred or profane?  Tough decisions.



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Hello Mr , I currently live in Costa Rica and I am starting a small crepe business here at a small food court  and Need all the help I can get !!!! 


Would be most Grateful !! Thank you in advance

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Hi Dean - I saw your post on Cheftalk regarding a guide on how-to start, run a crepe business.  I was wondering if you had a copy to share. 


Thanks in advance,


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Where are you in this, because i am thinking about the same thing right now... I have no idea where to start

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Would love your book!  I am researching starting a crepe business for some farmers markets to start, then hopefully, a cart.  Is there a way to be on a mailing list?  




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Greetings all, 


I am looking to set up a crepe stand at my university, im thinking about having the cart commisioned or building one myself, i think it would be more unique this way! any advice would be appreciated. I know i would need to incorporate enough space for a refridgeration unit under the bench to keep all the batter and fruit and ingredients fresh, ample bench space to accomodate a double plate gas griddle and slots for my condiment trays. A pressurised water sink is a necessity also, am i missing anything vital please dont hold back any suggestions! :D


Also dean i would be very interested in your book




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Hi Dean,


i also would be interested in buying your book / guide. I am considering starting a french crepes stand at a local farmers' markets in AZ. My 3 children are motivated to run the stand on weekends so i see it as a great way to get some business exposure... plus we are crepe lovers !



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Hi Dean: How can I have a copy or your guide about crepes business?  I am really interested in having it. I am opening a crepes stand and would appreciate ALL the help you can provide.




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Hello Dean,


My friend and I are thinking of starting a creperie in the Caribbean.  We would be very interested in your book.  Is it published and where can we obtain a copy?


Thank you very much,


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Hello Dean,


I would love to order your book. How can I order it? Please let me know when you get a chance!





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Hy Dean,


I'm just another first time sailor that would love to get your book as well.

Is it available already ?



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Go with gas!  It may seem like a bigger set up cost, but the electric plates take a ton of juice and unless you have the money to invest in a big generator, you'll hav e a really hard time trying to fine electricity to plug into.  Gas plates also have a quicker recovery time so you can make more crepes consistently without waiting for the plate to cook the crepe and running the risk of it drying out in the process.  Having a gas appliance will also require a hood ventilation system.  This will also be expensive, but less expensive in the long run than a big generator which need oil changes and tuneups on par with a car. 


I would also recommend getting separate plates instead of a double plate.  It will give you more flexibility in the long run in case you want to add other appliances or find that you really only need one plate to keep up with business.

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Hi Dean,


Thanks for the information. I'd like to have a copy of your book, how can I get it?



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Even since I had been Paris some years ago, I've always wanted to start a crepe business. Many of the crepe vendors in Paris just use the basic electric plates. This post is making me want to start thinking about that crepe business again!

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Hi there,  I am looking into starting my own crepe business and I couldnt help but notice yout conversation about you providing info on starting a business, I would be very interested to know if you have any information that could help me start my own crepe cafe? it would be very much appreciated!


Kind Regards,



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in order to make the nutella that runny yes one way to do it is to heat it up or the other way would be add a lil splash of half and half or milk would work not too much but the nutella must be kept warm

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Hi Dean,


I am very much interested in your book/how to guide on starting a creperie.


I am just starting the discovery process here in central Costa Rica.


Thanks very much,



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I too am considering running a crepe cart and would appreciate any advice you would be willing to share.  How can I contact uou?

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I am very intersted in starting my own Crepe vending business as well.  Sounds like you have been through much of the research that I have been doing as well.  I would love to find out more information about your book and helpful hints. 


I look forward to your reply and thanks for your help. 



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Did you ever set up the guide for crepe making? If so please reply. I am interested in opening a small store. I have restaurant experience, but not creperie experience. Thank you.

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Hi Diddof,


How is your guide coming along?

Would love to have it !!



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good day, Im thinking about setting up a crepe stand outside my home on weekends, I do not want to invest a lot of money in case things go wrong, not sure if our town is crepe consuming oriented, so I'm thinking about using our gas bbq grill and fit two 12" pans to make the crepes; what is your opinion on this?


all comments appreciated

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