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Well, wow am I'm glad to finally have found this place as I am "trying" to learn how to cook.

FWIW, I'm 47, male, and an attorney not a chef or restauranteur. I'm interested in learning to cook better than PB&J on white bread. At this point I've done a few recipes and have made several dinners for special occasions that have turned out well but were not well received by some of the guests. Disappointing but......

I would like to learn the basics better than I understand them at this point and I will ask the forum questions as needed. My knife skills are horribly awful and I wouldn't know the difference between celeriac and a radish (well, maybe I wouldn't but then again, maybe I would). Eventually that will change but for now that's where I am in the kitchen.

I hope to spend many happy hours reading and participating on this forum while I chase the desire to cook and eat better.

Good eating everyone.

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Welcome to Chef Talk, Rob. Being eager to learn, you'll find your knowledge and skills expanding with every visit here. We're a group of professionals and home cooks (like me) from all over the world, with all levels of knowledge and experience. Fortunately, we have a pretty good search tool you can use to zero in on topics you're looking to learn more about.

Visit often to learn, share and participate. Browse around the forums and articles and see what develops. We'll look forward to seeing you here often!

Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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Hi Rob, I hope you enjoy this forum as much as I have. I am a cook by trade and although I have many, many proffessional and regular cook books, my all time favorite is the Betty Crocker. This book is excellent for precise directions on how to do any basic form of cooking. Whenever I do something I've never done before (like the first time I made a souffle) I refer to the Betty Crocker. The recipes are easy to execute, and once you know how to make, say, a simple cheese cake, it's easy then to move on to more advanced versions. Hope we hear how you are progressing. Good luck. What's fun about food and cooking is you can study it your whole life and never come close to knowing it all.
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