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Baked French Fries

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We are opening a pool bar / concession stand this summer and unfortunately I will not be able to get a fryer, but I will have a convection oven. I have been looking at the Generation 7 fries from Lamb-Weston that advertise a baking time of 6 minutes. ( I know.... I already foresee lots of problems there but I am crossing one bridge at a time.) Has anybody used these products? I'm having to special order them through my Sysco rep, and before I commit to 25 cases, I would like to get any info I can.

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I would first make the rep get me a case to sample. If he wants to sell them to you he will get you a sample. If not, find the mfg web site...contact them and tell them the same thing...get me a sample to try if you want to sell them to me.

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I've used them. They are an ok product, not a great one, but acceptable absent a deep fryer, and long as your convection oven is a good one I.E. maintains temp well.

And your sysco rep? He's screwing you BAD.
Nobody every made me sign on for 25 cases of gen 7's, they were a stocked item. I got them a case or two at a shot.
Are you getting some sort of deviated pricing from the manufacturer?

If you are paying regular wholesale, tell him you want to talk to the district manager or get them anywhere else you can.

Or use a premium potato chip.
Because NOBODY is going to make me commit to 25 cases of ANYTHING.
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From the info I found out from LambWeston nobody in Alabama is stocking them, and for Sysco to buy them from LambWeston they needed a 25 case minimum. I actually wouldn't be buying 25 cases at one time, just commit to buying 25 cases throughout the year, which I would buy anyway.

Our goal here was to offer a french fry basket with your choice of high end toppings. (White Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Blue Cheese Fondue, Lamb Chili, ect.) Our french fry bar has been pretty popular with our banquet clientele and have had requests to bring it to our regular menu. In our restaurants we cut and blanch our on fries for burgers and sandwiches and we were willing to sacrifice some quality for our pool bar but If I can't get a decent replacement that I can bake, I'll probably end up dropping it.

Thanks for the help.
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I'm sure simplot puts out something equivalent.

Anyway, if you aregoing to be putting a lot of stuff over them, the gen 7 might work out ok for you.
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Al, the potato basket is a great idea. I do potato bars all the time.
We give them about 6-10 sides and use a 80 count size.
A mixture of meats, cheeses and veggies. I have a big Indian population so the the curry veggie and masala chickpeas do well.
Another thing, a 25 case min. isn't that hard to sell. I do that much in a week and if your busy times lunch and after 5 then that shouldn't be a problem.
professionalism .
professionalism .
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You can't get a small countertop electric frier? If that SYSCO house doesn't carry them you can try another one, or a smaller out of state supplier that also delivers to your area.

Unless you have to use a particular vendor of course.
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