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last night had some people over for dinner, dry-aged strip steaks potatoes and carrots, a grilled peach and prosciutto salad some mandarin orange cake for dessert.....

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Tonite its a rib steak ( 800 gr ) & papillotte of mixed vegetables
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yesterday some fresh fruit and a Jamie Oliver raw beet & pear salad with lemon oil dressing and feta and a couple of slices of jersey tomato in a whole wheat half-a-pita.

this morning, small spinach and feta omelet and some fresh squeezed OJ.
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Yesterday was a feast on the BBQ, veal ribs with coldslaw & rice, humm, what a delight :lips:
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tonight im going to make a grilled jersey corn and jersey tomato salsa on a tortilla (i'm still breaking my stomach back in from detoxing) and my fiance is making pizza margarhita with the new pizza stone.
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Last night we had Alder planked coho salmon with a saffron aioli, grilled zucchinni and assorted peppers.

Tonight, grilled Ahi with a mango cilantro salsa.
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nothing special, since I'm coming off the detox, just ate some fruit and fresh squeezed orange juice on saturday, saturday night had a raw beet and pear salad with lemon oil dressing and feta and a jersey tomato in a whole wheat pita.

today had a fresh egg omelet with spinach and feta and then made a corn salsa. Fiance made a pizza for herself.

(it was lightening/thunderstorming out so had to "grill" improvise)

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looks like the pita barfed.

But seriously, that looks yum :roll:
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BDL's classic caesar salad for din din tonight...

see it all here...
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Tonight I had two tuna steaks. I thawed them then baked at 400*F in glassware with a covering of extra virgin olive oil, thyme, mediterranean sea salt, lemon, and pepper. I whisked that mix up and coated both sides and let the rest boil in the dish around it. I served it over wheat rotini. It seemed to work out well :-p

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Fine Dining - 5 Course Meal

I am so excited! My wife and I have been invited to an evening of fine dining - a five course meal- tonight, at 7:30pm. Coronation are in the process of moving to a new premises in Claremont and I am involved from the IT perspective. The new Canteen has been kitted out and we are to be the first people served from it. I will report back on the event in tomorrow's posting on my blog. I hope to chat to our new Chef as well. I have been asked by Coronation to take photos of the event so 'watch this space for more'.

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Last night was the first time in awhile I cooked anything worty of mention. Grilled Tuna steaks with Green Olive vinaigrette, Quinoa with Queso Fresco marinated in Truffle and Pumpkin seed oil, black pepper and sea salt. Steamed garden fresh beans.
Having it for lunch too!

The night before was just Chorizo tacos with queso fresco and tomatilla, tequila, avocado salsa. It wasn't until the next day that I realized I forgot the Cilantro! No wonder it tasted like something was missing! :rolleyes:
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My latest musical venture!
http://www.myspace.com/popshowband "I'm at the age when food has taken the place of sex in my life. In fact I've just had a mirror put over my kitchen table." Rodney Dangerfield RIP
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This morning it was a simple breakfast: a French baguette fresh and warm from the oven with some lightly salted Beurre D'Isigny, fresh brewed Las Hermanas Nicaraguan coffee, and some fresh squeezed organic grapefruit juice with lots of pulp served at just the right temperature. Simple but delicious.

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My supper tonite was very good but very unhealthy, what the heck its only twice a year :eek:

A double poutine & double sauce & cheese, I did love it though
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Had a slight dilemma tonight. Seems that we forgot about a turkey in the freezer out in the shed and found it the other day. I pulled it out of the freezer and forgot it again. Definitely needed to be cooked today. We ended up rubbing it down with some Penzey's SW spice mix and roasted it off. So......what started out as Sloppy Joe's and green bean casserole turned into roast turkey sands on Ecce Panis French bread and a Green Pepper, tomato and basil salad for me and the same sand with the green bean casserole for the DW and DD. Added some nice fresh local peach slices to the DD's plate to round off her meal.

Gotta say our local Ukrop's has been doing an exemplary job in bringing in local produce as well as baking the Ecce Panis breads in smaller batches. As far as the bread goes...It's one of those if you don't get it before 1pm you don't get it.;)

Made some fresh TK (teriyaki) marinade for tomorrow nights dinner and I was finally able to cut up that Top Sirloin we bought from Costco a couple weeks ago (I mentioned it in another post). So we're having those steaks marinated and some local bi-color sweet corn and either rice or Twice baked 'taters for dinner tomorrow night.
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As I stated in the last post, tonights dinner was Teriyaki steaks and twice baked potatoes. For those of you that are old enough or have been around the industry for more than 20 years....:rolleyes: The steak and potato are exactly the same items that Cork'n'Cleaver (Chart House) once served on their menu. :look::lips: The extra 3 weeks of age on the meat didn't hurt either. All three were a perfect rare, were very tender and had a great flavor too.:cool: Bought a new camera last week to replace the old one and I just had to try it out. So I snapped a couple pics for ya'll to see. Sorry I didn't get a pic to show temp after we sat down but I just didn't want to move to get the camera.:blush:

Just out of the marinade.

On the plate are the steak topped with a mushroom blend of button and shiitaki's glazed in reduced Teriyaki sauce dusted with sesame seeds (the mush and seeds are not standard issue C'n'C:D)

Just a view of all three. One for me, one for the DW and one for the DD.
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@ Oldschool1982 , magnificent pictures

My simple supper ( dinner ) tonite is halal hot dogs on the BBQ
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That's a double thanks Ninja. One for the compliment and the other for the....well....for the other compliment. We also had Bi-color corn on the cob as well but I like a clean and uncluttered plate even at home. Plus I didn't take a picture of the corn because every hopefully knows what a cob of corn looks like.:eek::rolleyes:

On a side note the DD bought a cook book last year at her schools book fair. It was entitled the Fairies Cook Book Fairies Cookbook, Barbara Beery, Book - Barnes & Noble

She made Fancy Fairy Cakes and Petal Punch for our dessert after Sunday Supper today.
I had hoped to post pictures of the items since they looked outstanding, and I'm not just saying that because she's my daughter. ;)
Unfortunately I had trouble editing the pics and they were lost. There will be a next time though.
I didn't help her a lick in the kitchen except when it came time to make the self-rising cake flour. Both the DD and DW were at a loss on that one. Anyhow at 9 years old she shows promise. Too bad she'll not follow in my foot steps but rather in her Mothers. Well hopefully at least. Then again what ever she's happy in will work for me. Although it's still nice to see and experience her efforts and know that she'll be able to hold her own in a kitchen some day.:cool:
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I'd lick the plates after dinner :smiles:
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@ Oldschool1982 you are more than welcomed, you are a true chef

Thank you for my humble postings :)
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It was so good the other day, so I went to my butcher again & bought 1 kilo of veal ribs, I ll make my marinade & let them marinate 4 to 5 hours, veal is so tender, I cant wait, served wild coldslaw & a cold beer

My supper was delicious last nite, the veal was tender & tasty, next time I ll marinate the ribs 3 days , like I do for pork, thats the fall off the bone method:p
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Made the Caldo de Pollo from the recipes section :)

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beet and goat cheese salad and then just a side salad with greens, sliced beets, cucumbers, and some evoo and lemon s&p.

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Fiance made a sort of Caldo de Verde (Portuguese cabbage soup) she made it with chicken stock instead of water.....came out great. We had to use up our leftover cabbage from the Caldo de Pollo!

basically cabbage potatoes chorizo some onion a tad bit of garlic.

She was trying to register to post herself, but it's giving her an error for every username she tries so I'll post it.

her reaction for not being able to register tonight (she was pretty excited she used the big kids knife today and did VERY VERY well, except for the nails getting in the way...)
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Portuguese Caldo Verde yum!!

As I have heard, it's made with Galician cabbage, which isn't available here. I used collard greens for the greens and it was superb! But then I love collards in almost any dish.
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Just bought marinated chicken breasts from my butcher, maroccan chicken & fresh merguez and roma tomatoes.

I ll make a kabob and serve it on pita with a little bit of mayonnaise.

A great BBQ tonite :smiles:
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I happened to see America's Test Kitchen (that's Cook's Illustrated on PBS) this past weekend. They used the lasagne noodles you don't boil to make easy manicotti. Soak the noodles in boiling water for 5 minutes (mine needed more like 10). Pat dry. Position them with the short end toward you, then schmear a mixture of ricotta, parmesan, herbs, and egg on 3/4 of the noodle. Roll up from the bottom and place in a baking pan in which you've put 1/2 inch of tomato sauce. Cover the rolls completely with sauce, cover the pan, and bake at 375 for 40 minutes. The moisture from the sauce helps cook the noodles the rest of the way. Uncover, then sprinkle with cheese and bake another 10 minutes.

I made some with shredded chicken breast, which I had leftover. I had more than enough (16 rolls!) for our dinner, so I packed four containers of two rolls each for my mother-in-law.
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am going to clerfy soon

please wait
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I dont get it :confused::confused:
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Have a great time, let us know when you get back?
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