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Thin flounder fillets breaded with panko and sauteed in a bit of canola oil.
Avocado, tomato, blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette salad.

Result = very nice.

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Fresh batch of homemade brown chicken stock

...and from the Farmer's Market:
Pinto beans
Red Cabbage
Young onions
Butternut Squash

... served with homemade garlic croutons.

I think I ate my vegetables!!
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breakfast lunch and dinner


ciabatta roll with ham, pepper jack and egg overhard


shrimp pasta pomodora left over from the night before


creamy spicy sausage soup.

Then I take a nap and workout for a week straight. :D
Source for the best butchers block.
Source for the best butchers block.
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my lunch

leftover roast turkey on some homemade wheat.
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Todays lunch. Indian in the cafeteria since my dinner had no leftovers. I love my company cafeteria.

Chicken Tikki masala rice naan, a lamb kabab and a samosa, some chickpeas and some curry goodness.

10$, but I wanted a little of everything....
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Last night a chicken fricassee "kinda"...no cream. Some celery root, potatoes, mushrooms, etc..

Tonight, some Turkey burgers that we batch up and freeze for a quick meal and some Quinoa "risotto" style. haha.

A dollop of greek yogurt and some smoked paprika on top.

also been messing with that Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day book and had some left over dough in the fridge so I made some buns.

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Roasted cornish hen, acorn squash with butter and brown sugar(comfort food from when I was young), and salad.
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I really like adding a little nutmeg to turkey burgers.
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Class act you are. I sit here sometimes looking at things and say to myself.......Self you have formal training and you don't do anything like this guy. What's up with that? Well I finally figured out that I did it for so long that the simple PB&J, Chicken tenders or even tonight's dinner of Pork roast, roasted potatoes and braised cabbage are just too simple for pics.

Plus, in our kitchen, to take tpics for show it would take me so frigging long to get things plated and presentable.....it'd all be cold by the time we sit to eat. Nothing new if I think about it considering most of my meals were taken at the pass while expediting service, but that's all behind me now. Anyhow keep it up! You're doing a great job and definitely adding to the credibility of the site.:beer:
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Well from an amateur's perspective, I agree too. The food porn makes me drool. Never in the Wide World of Sports has there been a non-pro that made such an impression. I don't mean the skiier who famously plummeted at the beginning of every show (which maybe is me). I mean the one who showed how much fun it can be to be really good at it.
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Tonight was just some leftovers from last night, but last night was pretty, uh, gosh darn good. Had some folks over, good times, good food. Started with something I've never tried before, sort of dak kang jung chicken wings. Not deep fried, but done over charcoal. Turned out pretty well, though I had a big sticky blob of the sauce stuck in my beard for a bit.

The other thing I tried for the first time was a lemon curd dessert. Pretty simple, about a 1/3 cup of lemon curd in a custard dish, topped with a thick layer of cream whipped with a bit of extra sugar and some dark rum. Finished with raspberries. The three ingredients worked out very well together, folks really liked it.

The grilled salmon with the lemon aioli was good, the standing rib roast with the garlic - rosemary crust was a bit overdone and needed more rosemary, and more black pepper in the mushroom sauce. The sweet onion soup with the romano shreds on top was a big winner - I had mentioned onion soup in my emails to the guests, they were expecting the usual 'french onion soup' cliche. Fooled them!

And the grilled shrimp salad served in bell pepper 'bowls' was pretty cute. I was too busy to take pictures, drat. Otherwise I could drool over it once again!

On a side note, there were more empty wine bottles at the end of the evening than beer bottles. And we never even got into the whites I thought would go well with the dessert. No wonder getting out of bed this morning was a bit slower than usual.

Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
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White bean & turkey chili with a dollop of greek yogurt (I really just make things to put greek yogurt on them, it's just that awesome) and some cilantro.

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Comfort food night - Mrs. McMurphy crock-potted a roast of freezer shopped pork loin with some chipotles in adobo, salsa verde and a bunch of spices with some stock.

then made some quick crispy tacos.

at right at the stove pretty much.
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Breakfast was whey protein shake....lunch slightly more adventerous: steamed broccoli, sweet potato, orange pepper, baby bellas and Boca "ground beef"..for dinner I made chicken salad on toasted gluten free bread and baby spinach leaves.
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Pork Roast

A simple dinner of Pork loin roast with baked potaotes, braised cabbage and bacon, warm sliced apples with cinnamon. Simple enough to throw together without too much hanging over the stove, I am busy making dough for bread and pizzas so didn't have time to babysit dinner, got to get the grandkids pizza ready for the weekend, they went thru all they had in the freezer so it needs to be replenished.:lips:
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Thanks for the back slapping guys. Wish i was a little more "creative" but I'm getting better.

some udon some thin sliced top round, mushrooms, garlic, scallions and a simple sauce my fiance found, kinda lo-mein-ish.

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simple soup

Wow ~~ you all can post pictures and everything! I'll have to learn how to do all that.

In the meantime, for my first official, post-intro post, my supper:

Since I had car trouble today, & was stymied in my attempt to go to the market for fresh comestibles, I had to fall back on what's already in the house. I had a bunch of toasted chickpea powder, so I'm making soup.

I sauteed cut-up cactus pads, poblano pepper, and onion, then turned off the heat & stirred the powder into the vegetables. (This stuff loves to clump.) Then I added some fresh-tomato sauce & boiling water and one whole smoked chile. Brought it back to a simmer for @ 20 minutes, then added @ 1/3 cup of chopped cilantro. Added a little lime juice & some bottled habanero sauce at the the table & was completely happy.

I'm pretty sure that the toasted chickpea powder is used in Indian cooking, too, but I don't know what it's called.
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Toasted Whole wheat bread with mashed spiced giganti beans, slices of beets, arugula, feta, roasted red bell pepper......

Goldrush apple crisp.....so simple, peeled/cored thick sliced apples with alittle cornstarch spread through, topped with sugar/flour/butter and baked. No juice/spices or anything else with the apples. Top each serving with applejack caramel sauce. If there were vanilla ice cream around life would be more perfecter :p:D
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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It's about time for a roast dinner....got couple of chooks in the fridge. Will give them a good sage stuffing, bung half a lemon in their end to keep the stuffing in, give their skins a spray of oil and a good rub with sweet paprika, garlic and oregano, roast them breast side down till almost done, give 'em a flip to brown the tops. Baked potatoes and a good tossed green salad with balsamic dressing, plus lots of tomatoes out of the garden, maybe some of my black pearl chillies too. Oh, and won't forget the gravy. Then some white nectarines sliced, macerated in sugar, chilled, with french vanilla icecream.
 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
Robert A. Heinlein

 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
Robert A. Heinlein

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Tonight i'm having guests over so i just finished cutting up a beef tenderloin into filets. I'm going to sautee them and then make a balsamic vinegar based sauce.

For sides I'm making a special mashed potatoes recipe of my grandmother's (which is a variation of a dish very popular in her hometown near memphis) and it's basically mashed potatoes with chiles in it.

For desert I've made a tres-leche cake (milk cake).
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Tonight hubby is on duty so I will have some leftover roast beef in gravy on home made ciabatta, usually he doesn't want anything when he gets in so it's me and the dogs for dinner.........and they do love roast beef!:lips:
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Mah Pizzah from last night. Then we hit up the cocktail bar for some cocktails.

Fiance had a Sloe-Gin Fizz and a quartino of wine and I had a cocktail that's kinda a different with Irish whiskey, gin, chartreuse, and possibly punt-e-mes vermouth, (I forget) with a dash of regans and a dash of hermes orange bitters. My second cocktail I wanted to experiment with Cantons (ginger infused cognac) so I had a Canton's "Sidecar" kinda thing that we thought up with cantons and hennesey as the base spirits in a classic sidecar. It's good, but may need a tweak.

Tonight I have some chicken in the fridge marinating in yogurt and such for some indian chicken tikka masala.
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Last night baked portabella caps stuffed with ground pork, seasoned with pesto and cayenne, a little marinara on the side and pecorino romano topped. Herb salad from the garden, some chianti.

Tonight grilled marinated flank over collards and I'm not sure what else.
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"a simple sauce my fiance found, kinda lo-mein-ish."

Fine with the food, but when are you going to make an honest woman of your "fiancee?"

We've been looking at pix of her (and your food) for a long time now and I'm wondering when the happy event will take place. Or is she not yet convinced of your cooking ability?

How about making the wedding a potluck - inviting us all and asking each to bring a dish? Save a he!l of alot of money on the reception!

Try it; you'll like it. We're celebrating our 54th anniversary next month. :bounce:

travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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Haha, we got engaged the end of May....

As far as a wedding/reception, no thanks! We are courthousing it, laughing at the suckers who blow 30k on weddings, and will blow probably the same amount touring Italy for ~4 weeks the end of august/sept this year.
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Thats what Im talking about!!! My fiance and I got our liscence and rings last week and are courthousing it on either the 16 or 17th when my son is in town for his spring break. Money saved is being used for family vacation/honeymoon this summer.
Taste: The sensation derived from food, as interpreted thru the tongue to brain sensory system.
Flavor: The overall impression combining taste, odor, mouthfeel and trigeminal perception.
Taste: The sensation derived from food, as interpreted thru the tongue to brain sensory system.
Flavor: The overall impression combining taste, odor, mouthfeel and trigeminal perception.
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Chicken Tikka Masala and some basmati rice with some roti.

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...will blow probably the same amount touring Italy for ~4 weeks the end of august/sept this year.

Sounds like a helluva lot more sensible way to spend your money. Looking forward to your culinary adventures there. Take lots of pictures.

travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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Above 36 degrees in Pittsburgh

Tonight I am willing spring forth with a mole rubbed pork loin with simple (salt, pepper, olive oil) veggies and roasted sweet potatoes on the grill. If you grill...the sun will come!
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I'm actually going to post another thread in the general discussion area soon as its about time to reallllly start planning. I'd like to hire a chef for a few days while I'm out there as well. We are going to villa it in Tuscany for at least 1 of those weeks I'm sure. Other than that, we are pretty much going to wing it.
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