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cooking school in china

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hi, i'm hime. sorry if my english is bad. i'm looking for cooking/culinary schools in china or hong kong.and i also need help for up coming competition, the ingredients are chicken, spinach and sweet potato for one course and if possible have an Asian element in it . all suggestion gladly received thxs very much for your help and nice to meet you all ;)
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Don't worry about your English. :D

A friend is going to attend a brief cookery program in Gullin (Guelin?). I'm not sure if it is a fulltime, professional school, but at least that's a start for you.
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
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Any replies?

Hi Hime

How did you get on? I am very keen to do some cookery course in China - but it is very difficult to find any info on what is available

Did you find anywhere?


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I have the same question as you. Am currently attending culinary school in Los Angeles, but thinking about going to China and wondering if there are any schools in the Guanzhou/Hong Kong area. Any information would be helpful.
Thanks. :)
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Cooking School In China

I was there in March with my boyfriend who is a real foodie and a lover of Sichuan cuisine.

We went to the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine to see the school first hand - the same school that ***hsia Dunlop went to in the early 1990's. It is an amazing place - they actually have two campuses with a total of 7,000 students.

The one that is in the heart of Chengdu has a three year program - which of course is all given in Chinese.

When I was in Chengdu I met with the administration of the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine and told her we would like to have a short term program in ENGLISH. They were very cooperative and said if we could get together a group of 10 then they would run it.

I am trying to put this together for the Spring of 2010 - if you have interest in learning more please send me an email.

Note that last year the school did a four month program with the Culinary Institute of America which was successful - but it was a bit long for me.

If you are concerned about the facilities... I can assure you that this school is the real deal... not for tourists... but for chefs... If you have three years to spend in CHina it would be great... but even a two week experience would be worthwhile.

I have lots of pictures of the school - just email me for more info.
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Hey Diane, I've came across the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine on the internet as well. As I'm fluent in Chinese, I googled up the more reputable cooking schools in China with Chinese characters and Viola, there are a ton of them. As I'm a big fan of Sichuan cuisine, Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine seems like the perfect fit. From their webiste, I was able to find out that the school offers a 3 months cook training program for about $USD400 (tuition), definitely a deal. Instead of gathering 10 people for the program to be taught by some unknown person in English, what do you think of the feasibility of attending with the locals and with me translating by the side? My Chi-Eng translation skills and knowledge in food terms would probably yield better results.
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Cookingschoolinchina - thanks for your information

Dear GAC10

I would definitely like to learn more about this... the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine l gave me a quote to run a two week program and of course I had no way to judge if it was fair. Can you get me more specifics on the three month program, how many hours a day? how many different classes? what do they teach... any information would be helpful.

I am open to cost saving alternatives. The program I discussed with them was for ten days of instruction. I was hoping to get a group together to go in March 2010. The prices I wrote on the web site was based on a quote the school gave me (several thousand dollars for the instruction) plus the hotel fees.

With the rate they quoted we need about eight students to break even.

The big issues is I can't seem to find eight serious chefts who want to spend time in China studying cooking. I have about two or three people interested, but we need about eight... Do you know of anyone who might want to join us for two weeks?

If so we might be able to ask the school to do the program for less, with you doing the translation.

My only goal is to come back to Chengdu... with people who like to cook. any help you can give us would be great.

By the way are you in CHina or in the US..? what is your real name? and did you see the web site

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Diane, to be honest, the cost quoted on your website seems high for just 2 weeks of instructions. One of the reasons why I would've liked to attend a cooking school in China is to learn authentic Chinese cooking on the cheap. I'm not sure how much you can learn in 2 weeks... granted they can be highly intensive, but for someone like me who loves Sichuan cuisine but never cooked it, I would like to spend more time learning about it.

As I looked up on their website, the only 2 week program they offer regularly is the Hot Pot course. According to their website, there are 5 programs that take place regularly throughout the year:
- Chef training program (3 mo): learning basic cooking skills, making the classic Sichuan, Sichuan snacks, food carving, banquet menu design, costing, knowledge of cooking raw materials, nutrition, hygiene.

-Advanced chef training program (4 mo): All of the above plus knowledge of baking & pastry, local favorites and courses with medicated effects.

- Senior Chef Seminar (1 wk): Catering business skills training, Main training content: dishes development and design, restaurants, business philosophy, industry analysis, dishes display, kitchen administration and management, inspection, etc.

- Hot Pot AKA Shabu Shabu Course (2 wk): Knowledge of hotpot materials, production of the traditional hot pot, hot pot basic management and so on.

- Cold Courses (1 wk): brine production, dish seasoning techniques, and practical cold dish production, deli business, etc.

I think the first 2 programs make the most sense as they're more comprehensive in terms of teaching one about Sichuan Cuisine. If they're putting together a 2 week program just for you?Then no doubt it's going to be expensive as they have to hire someone who speaks English and open a class just for you, and charge you a 'foreign' price.

Also from their website, I think the school has dormitory, did you get a chance to check it out? I mean, I'd opt to stay on campus if the school lets you, it could be a great opportunity to mingle with the locals and learn about local food.

BTW, My name is Grace and I'm currently in New York. Food is my biggest passion along with travel. I just got back from Madrid yesterday.
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We should meet and talk... my cell phone is 917-670-3690

I am in New York as well about two days per week, maybe we can get together.

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hello all..
my name is eko..i'm a chinese boy,but i was born and live in indonesia..
i want to study chinese cuisine at china..
@ diane and grace
maybe we can disscuss about study chinese cuisine...
sorry my english so bad..:(
my email and YM account
you can add my YM account..thx b4..

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Hi Eko, do you speak and understand Mandarin Chinese?
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Hi Grace:
Are you Chinese by race?

Did you find any solution for Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine 3 or 4 months chef training program? I didn’t find any specific info regarding their 3-4months programs in Chinese its just 2-week program info in English language instruction

I might be interested as well if you kindly inform me what exactly you expect from my side if I attend 3-4 month program with you? Like you attend program with me and translate it with demonstration and I follow your instructions…

You may contact me directly at

Looking ffwd to get your response

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I need a solid information on where to go in china for a culinary school that teaches a short course in Chinese cooking, if possible i also want to know their fees. I am from Philippines and I already have a fundamental training in culinary arts. I also have experience working in the 4 star hotel. i just want to widen my knowledge in authentic Chinese cuisine. kindly email me at I will appreciate every bit of information.
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Has anybody followed a course at this institution in Chengdu?

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To whom are interested in having a Chinses cuisine experience


There are many Vocational Schools offer short term cooking courses in different places in China. It usually takes about 2 monthes for each level which general classified as Beginer, Intermediate , Professional and Expert. These classes all can provide a final exam to who wants to get a certificate which offer by China's Bureau of Labour  at any local branch, these certificates are categories by Chinese Cooking;Western Cooking; Chinses Pastry;Western Pastry; Food Server, Catering Server, Bartander; Tea Ceremony...

However, they are all target on local chefs who don't need academic degrees.


Anyone, who already has the cooking experience and only wants to broaden the knowledge of Chinese cuisine,can go to Shanghai "Mei-Long-Zhen Professional Cooking School" (梅龙镇烹饪专业学校 in Chinese) for a short term class. It has 20 some years reputation and located near 2010 WORLD EXPO site, can workout your time frame and including assign you to a nice local restaurant for a hands-on learning. This shool is a non-profit organization which licenced and approved by local government.


The tuition cost estamated around 500.00 US dollars/ 2wks(6ays/wk) for a 10 people class with a basic translation provided in lecture ,  school can provide very basic room at 10.00/day for who need an affordable accommodation, room offer only when it's available.


If you are only one person as tourism and don't need Interpreter, they can find you an instructer who might interested in spend the leisure time with you as your personal teacher at a local price as US 50.00/ per 3hour class . if  you need an Interpreter occassionally, you can trade by providing your cooking speciaty classes volunteerly. anyway, it all can be arranged by their chef's club at a low friendly service charge of US 20.00 for most foriegn cooking professional. 


 I hope it will answer some of your questions.


If there is anyone insterested in above mentioned; I shall happy to help you out.


China have 8 different type of cuisines, School can only provide you most general skills in such short time, but it should be enough for you to explor more Chinese cuisine later on by using this basic skill



my contact info: or

please put "MLZ School Info Help" on letter head, so I won't miss it.

My cell phone# in Shanghai,is 011+86+15802114336  Dial from US



Mike Han



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I am looking for a short term culinary course in china to cover different regional cooking skills in July. It will be great if some one can give me informations.



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Bonjour et Hello,


Im an Australian running a 4 star B&B in France.  Currently we are looking for a person who would like to practice their culinary skills  in France and earn some extra cash teaching our 2 boys  mandarin.   If you know of anybody looking for a working holiday in  France where they would have the opportunity to use their chinese cooking skills and develope some french cooking along the way then please contact

Leila france (33) 6 81 44 96 66  we speak english and french at home

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I am a European trained chef who has worked in Italy France Spain and USA I speak Italian and spanush, my french is really rusty. I'm looking for a position as a chef or teaching position in china. Send me a pm

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Dear Mr. Mike Han,
I am replying to about six years old post that I have found on the internet. I was searching for some Chinese cookery schools in China and came across with your post on I am not sure if you are still able to provide me with information or guidance in finding a cookery school in China.  
My Name is Subodha Makawita also known as "Mark". I am trained chef and hospitality manager with 23 years of experience in the industry. I am really foodie person who loved all kind of cousins around the world. But my expert area of food is "European cousins". My brother also a chef and both of us always wanted to go to China and learned some authentic Chinese cooking. Perhaps short course that lasts for few weeks.
Since your post offered help for people who are interested in learning Chinese cooking with professionals I thought I would write to you to see if you still able to help us in this matter. 
Please write to us if you can help us.

Look forward to hearing from you


Subodha Makawita - Mark

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