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I have a huge stain from stockpots on all of my chef coats. I've tried oxyclean, tide, and other detergents but the stains won't go away. I would try bleach, but my classmate tried it and his turned yellow :(.

What would you guys recommend in gettting the stain out? I have tried soaking it in oxyclean water for a few hours, even days, but its on there pretty tight. Any response would be appreciated.
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Aside from buying new uniforms...you have two options:

1. Don't get dirty (you learn to work cleaner after a while)
2. Don't dry your jackets and soak them every time you wear them. Drying them only bakes on the stain making it literally impossible to get out.
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Are you talking about carbon stains? If so, try using a product called fels naptha. It can be ahrd to find, but it's cheap and it actually works really well.
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I'm currently in a culinary programs well at Loyalist College, and I have the same problem. I keep several uniforms. I have my oldest stock uniform I keep cleaned with bleach and cold water Shout detergent. It still does not look the best. I have my prep coat for classes I know I am on prep and a line coat I use at work. I do keep one coat and pant set clean and pressed, available for times I know I will have to look my best, but usually doesn't come to class unless were serving.
Tide stain pens have saved my life, and I recommend to spend 20 minutes after class going over some of the stains, and washing in cold water has always helped get some of my stains out as well.
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If you're referring to metal stains, then I'm sorry to say that I've YET to find a way to remove them except lots and lots of time... and even that doesn't work completely.

I have a coat with metal stains on them from scrubbing the line and/or pots and then happening to get some of the water on the coat. The only thing that's helped fade the stain out is the numerous washings they've been through.
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