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When making lasagna with fresh noodles, do the noodles have to be pre-cooked before assembling the lasagna?
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Personally, I only cook the dried pasta for lasagne but never the fresh. Only because I prefer and grew up with a more firm, deep dish variety.
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No but your sauce should be soupier than usual because as the noodles cook in the oven they will absorb a lot of the sauce and your lasagne may turn out too dry.

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If I'm using fresh noodles I prefer to blanch them for about 30 seconds. If I'm forced to use dried noodles I cook them only to the point where they are pliable, usually about a minute or two. That helps limit the amount of liquid they absorb from the sauce. Still, as previously noted, I increase the amount of sauce to ensure that the finished dish isn't dry.
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Even when using dried noodles I don't cook them. I make the lasagna a few hours before baking, and add extra sauce or some red wine as the noodles will absorb it. I was taught this in a banquet situation as it is much, much easier to work with the uncooked noodles. I now even use this method at home. It saves a step, the noodles are easier to work with and I bet that very few people can tell the difference.
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