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Restaurant Drinks

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Here's my rant. I am continually disappointed with restaurant bars. I wonder what the chefs of these restaurants think of them?

I cannot understand their obsession with crushed ice. And the use it to make martinis! Most of the time I have to ask for it dirty just to get some taste in it. A simple straight up martini is always watered down at these bars. The portions of vermouth aside, as I think that's personal taste.

At least they can't make a neat scotch wrong.
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Scots whisky shouldn't be served with ice - just a 'splash' of still water :)
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I take beverages *very* seriously. What drives me INSANE is when 1. Bartenders dry the glasses with a towel, and/or I am served with a wet glass. Absolutely not! and 2. When there are the lines of bubbles in my beer that scream, "GREASE!!!" That clearly means the employee is incapable of properly cleaning a glass.

Like I said, I take my beer and wine seriously. When there are grease bubbles in a beer, I refuse to drink it. When there is too much or too little of a head, I don't drink it. Wine, I just buy bottles at a liquor store and drink it at home, use vacu-sealers, and leave it at that. I don't even try anymore unless a place is known for the wine.
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I've never had complaints about the wine at restaurants. Never had a dirty or wet glass. I had some cork in one before!
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