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Hi Gang,

I've been using the forum for about a week or so, and really enjoy it. So ar it looks like a great place with lots of good, helpful people.

I live in the East Bay in the San Francisco area, home of Alice Waters and where Berkeley's "Gourmet Ghetto" is located. There are scores of great restaurants, bakeries, and markets here, and food and cooking seems to be pretty important in the Bay Area.

I've been cooking off and on for about thirty years, mostly off, but have never really worked much on technique. I've created a few recipes of my own, adjusted and modified others, but, for the most part, have pretty much used recipes as they've been written and presented to me. I'd like to change that and better understand how ingredients interact, and be able to modify and create more recipes.

Over the years I've accumulated hundreds, if not more than a thousand, recipes which are now stored on my computer, and I'm in the process of editing and organizing them and making them easier to read, use, and share with others.

Anyway, thanks for a great forum and a way to explore cooking and food possibilities.

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Welcome to the crew! Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Glad to hear another CA person. I recently dined in Oakland, Jack London Square- a place called Kincaids. The Bay Area has some great restaurants!
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Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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More than a thousand recipes? WOW

Welcome to the community... I look forward to your recipe sharing sessions :)
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