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If they are italian, don't try to recreate something they are
extremely familiar with. Chances are you won't be able to
do it justice. I heard "blackened seafood alfredo". I would
suggest you stay away from blackened food for an italian family.
First off, I would serve the entire dinner family style in large
platters. It surpises me the don't want seafood, but, so be
it. Perhaps some sort of simple roast chicken with rosemary and
preserved lemon. A big bowl of Rapini with sliced garlic and tiny
red chiles. Risotto would be a great one. Duck ragu with pappardelle.
Vitello tonnato with pickled vegetables, Spaghetti with veal meatballs
and wild mushrooms, Veal Milanese, Panna Cotta, but not in a glass.
Maybe something called sfogliatella. Its a tender flakey pastry made
with the pasta roller. It contains white wine, baking powder, butter,
and OO flour. You make fruit filled ravioli and quickly fry. Its pretty
original and perfect for after dinner. You could flavor some grappas
with orange/vanilla bean, or lemon, or berries. Its endless. Don't fall
into the american italian groove if they are italian. On the other hand
if they are a 5 or 6th generation american italian family then they may
not be looking for something truly italian. Soft polenta with mushrooms
and fontina, a different version of Tiramisu with lemon curd and Raspberries.
Baked ricotta tart. Reconstitued dried fruit with red wine, cloves, orange, etc. Do something you have done before, so many dishes are similar, and
so many different cultures use the same methods of preparation. Go hit
it out of the park. Or find out thier favorite restaurant and go for a visit.
But, I do ramble on......
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So far no word. I wonder if he's sleeping with the fishes.
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I heard someone is missing a pair of size 9 cement shoes:D :lol: ;) :look: :cool: :rolleyes: :smiles: :lips: :cry: :chef:
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hey!!!! you think I'ma kiddn!!!!
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Maybe he got the job and is now so busy he hasn't had a chance to come back on-line. Or there is always the "bottom of a large body of water" theory.

“If there's anything more important than my ego around, I want it caught and shot now.” -- Zaphod Beeblebrox

“If there's anything more important than my ego around, I want it caught and shot now.” -- Zaphod Beeblebrox
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Hey guys...

Sorry its taken a while to reply...

Well after last week I was asked to come in a second time to cook a mystry basket...

For starters I was given the ingredients to make crostini alla toscana....rustic chicken livers on toasted ciabatta, which I sevred on a huge platter with a caprezze salad of buffulo mozzerella, basil, and the sweetest tomatoes I have ever tasted in my life.

For mains I again serverd the meal in a platter which was fusilli pasta with marrows and basil pesto in a rich white sauce finished of with beaten egg yolks and parmesan cheese...the following ,day which was yesterday, I was phoned by the recruitment agency and told that i had got the postion...
The restuarant is opening in april and Im being employed as of march which gives me a month to sort things out.....this is going to be one **** of a ride and Im so excited.

Ill keep you guys posted on my progress and hopefully we will get a website up and running soon.

Once again I would like to thank everyone who put forward ideas and suggestions...its people like that, that make forums like this have a true purpose.

Now I just have to learn italian....need to find audio
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Congrats! Sounds like it should be fun
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Many congratulations.

(So, if one of us were to drop by after you've been open for a while and sent word back to the kitchen, something good would happen. Right? :rolleyes:
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YEAH!!! so glad we don't have to send scuba gear for you! :roll:
Fix "Don" a plate of carpaccio for me.(yeah I got the spelling right this time)..LOL
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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Speaking of which, Chef- where is this restaurant????
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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Right on! For a while I thought you were hiding in Sicily!

Hey your absence made for some good speculation anyway. :D
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To quote one of the greatest ethnic stereotypically true lines ever spoke.... "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse".

Like the old "blue" jokes leads to "one slip of the tongue and you in deep......". My advice to you so ya ain't bein' fitted for the shoes pan mentions.... Ya might want to wear ear pieces with some loud Sinatra or Dino playing in the back ground when they all gather at the kitchen table for the "meal". Hehehehe:bounce: ;)

(BTW My last name in Italian translates to "The" or "Of" "Saint(liness)" Not exactly what some of my ancestry practiced. If ya know what I mean.)
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Old School- does this mean that Chefontheloose's "Don" is going to call YOU to "take care of business" if he doesn't like Chef's meal??? LOL :eek:
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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Naaaaa.That part of the "family" doesn't exist anylonger. In all honesty I've often wondered how many of the stories told to us while growing up were actually true. I think is was just stuff we were told to keep us outta trouble. I think it was just a bunch of old Italian stories for us. Although...we still joke about things but very lightly just in case.;) :suprise: :rolleyes:
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LOL yeah like to keep you kneecaps do you? LOL
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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Too funny Jayme!

Umm I refuses to answer on da gounds dat..... My knee's have enough trouble and the caps are still intact so I'd like to keep dem dat way. thankyou:lol:

BTW Chefontheloose,

Hope all is going well and things turn out for ya. Sounds like you'll be welcomed in if things are going the way they sound. Salute'
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If anyone named Guido knocks on your door, tell him he has the wrong address....LOL then quick call Chefontheloose and order take out in case he comes back........LOL
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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Im back!

Well the last few month have been hectic but im still alive and kicking.

the resturant is doing well...too well that im working 7 days a week from 6 in the morning to 11 at night and im loving it. weve been open for 6 months now and im expanding the kitchen and getting more staff so i can go home and get some sleep...cant wait to have 2 days off a week again.

the menu has expanded as Ive been learning new things and doing loads of research.

the popular dishes at the moment are the parma and melon wrap which is 3 slices of san danielle with emmenthaler cheese and melon marinated in mint, chilli, honey and olive oil place on top with mixed leaves and rolled into a wrap. chicks dig it lol

and our chicken assagai which is stacked meal consisting of wood roasted vegtable, chicken breast, pepperdew and feta pesto with zucchini chips.

on friday nights i do a braised rabbit on polenta cakes and a bluck truffel pasta which go down well.

made a sandwhich called the joey tribbiani which is a ciabatta filled with meatballs and and mozzerella...did it as a joke and turned out to be popular.

man i wish i could tell you more...ill take some photos and post them.
we also opened up a deli in our resturant which runs during the day and sell imported italian meats, cheeses, pasta, you name it.

ill also try and post a copy of our menu for you guys to check out!

thanks to all those who supported me!

ignore the speeling errors, im a chef not a
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Funny, I thought "Chef" was a term of respect.
Just my opinion though....
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