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Boston and, yes, Vermont again

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Hi all!

Im going to Vermont. But Ill be staying in southern Vermont, Springfield to be exact. Any southern VT suggestions?

Also, Ill be spending one and a half days in Boston. Never been there, know nothing. What part of town should I stay in? where should we eat? (I'd prefer to try local cuisine as much as I can)

We'll arrive on Feb. 27, so keep in mind it will be COLD.

I cant wait!!

thanks in advance.

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I grew up near Springfield and return frequently to visit family. I hate to tell you this, but there simply aren't any decent restaurants, let alone really good ones, in Springfield or nearby. I would check out Manchester VT (google, maybe) or the Hanover NH area, both about 45 mins away. Sorry.
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It's not that bad -- if you leave Springfield. :p Fortunately, you'll be pretty close to I-91, and not that long a drive to Putney where there's Curtis's, a good barbecue place (the real deal -- long slow smoking over real wood), or on to Brattleboro, which has a wealth of very good restaurants (head west when you get off 91). Royal Diner just outside Brattleboro is a very, very good diner. Or if you drive down route 35, there are some places in Townshend. Continue down 30 to Newfane and South Newfane for some really excellent places (expensive, though) or head south on Route 100, which takes you past West Dover and into Wilmington. Many places along that path; just skip the bbq place in West Dover (NOT the real thing :mad: ). Good Italian place between West Dover and Wilmington (if you pass a farm market as you go south, you've gone too far). And in Wilmington, there's Pancho's Wreck which is a lot of fun (ribs, chicken, Mexican-style), The Anchor (fish), and Dot's which is my home-away-from-home when I'm there: classic diner style food, great breakfasts.

As for Boston, oh my, so many places. One of my favorites in the North End (Italian area) is Sage. Rialto is great, but expensive.
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
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Just a bit south of Springfield is Brattleboro, which has a number of great places. I personally recommend Adagio Trattoria at 132 Main Street for classic Italian and more. Of course, I might be a bit biased as the Chef. The Four Columns in Newfane is excellent. Wine Spectator awards, four diamonds etc... did a little stint there as well and can say that Chef Greg Parks is excellent and uses nothing but the best. 39 Main in Brattleboro for exciting edge type cuisine, and Peter Havens on Elliot Street for classic make you feel like you are king of the world service with a great menu and very nice wine list. Have fun.
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That's good information about the restaurants in the Brattleboro/Newfane area. The next time I'm back home, I'll have to coerce my sister into a little road trip. Thanks. :bounce:
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Boston and Vt

My favorite place is just outside boston. Blue Ginger, It is Ming Tsai's restaurant. Suprising he even works there 4 nights a week. Food is great Try the butterfish. Dam# its good. Anyway really nice place is Simon Pierce in Quechee , VT. In an old mill, over the waterfall, and the even blow glass in the gallery. Nice place. If you went even farther North check out Elements in St. Johnsbury, another converted mill, (elementsfood.com). Local foods, house made breads(wood fired oven), and a menu that changes weekly. You can even check it out at the website. But If you look VT has a lot of hidden gems.

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Weathersfield Inn

Have any of you ever heard anything about this place....or the chef, Jason Tostrup?


Its right there in Springfield, about 5 miles from my uncles house.

Im gonna check it out and Ill post when I get back.

thanks all
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A little late perhaps, but I have to plug my two favorite restaurants:

Sweet Basil - Needham, MA. Amazing Italian food, one of Boston.com's top few restaurants. Dry town though, so bring your own wine.

Daedalus - Harvard Square, Cambridge MA. Small but varied menu. I go there for the ambiance; the second (top) floor used to be a greenhouse so the walls and ceiling are all windows. Very comfy and cozy, quiet unless it's a weekend.
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