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A Question About Horseradish

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Hi gang,

I want to grind/grate my own horseradish, but haven't done so before. I was about to buy some yesterday, but the roots were a little soft to my touch when applying the squeeze test, and while the root smelled and tasted reasonably pungent and sharp, it seemed that it could have been more flavorful and aromatic. So, the question is, should a piece of horseradish root be very firm, like a nice fresh carrot or some ginger, or is a little "give" normal and to be expected?


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Hello, Myron ...

While I personally have never grated horseradish, various people in my family have, esprcially at Passover. There are ways, I'm sure, to overcome the fumes and pungency short of wearing gas masks. I've already started looking into the possibilities.

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I tried it once homeade, but the recipe was REALLY horrible. I think they misprinted the water ratio. You were supposed to bring the water/shavings mixture to a boil, BUT there was not enough water to do so.

I will definitely try it again but will look for better recipes.

One recipe that I roughly picked up by word of mouth was to add finely minced/shaved/zested horseraddish to whipping cream, and whip that mixture. I haven't tried it yet, but I am dying to soon. Maybe for steaks on Super Bowl Sunday!
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Horseradish should be very firm; peel it by scraping or with a fine-blade peeler, then shred on a Microplane. I put mine in a jar with vinegar. It's better than store-bought, though it doesn't keep as long before turning brown, due to no prservatives.Looking at my bottled h-r from Whole Foods, they list just h-r, vinegar, and salt. Must be the salt that keeps it from browning.

I bought a root for our Bears tailgate party, but ran out of time and used the prepared. Game didn't turn out so well :eek: , and I didn't even like any of the commercials this year.

I look back fondly on a couple of classics from yesteryear... the Cats Herding commercial (I don't even remember the advertiser!) and the marvelous Tabasco Exploding Mosquito. :bounce: They play that at their visitors' center at Avery Island.

travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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I agree....the commercials stunk this year. The only ones that were somewhat decent were those office-worker-warrior commercials.

My wife and I also LOVED the new tundra commercials (racing toward a cliff, and the braking with a load on the teeter-totter). Yeah, yeah...I know they were stunts, and were probably safer than the cameras made them appear, but I still loved them!
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