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I'm not completely sure if this is the correct place to post this, so please forgive me if its not in the correct forum...

I'm considering attempting to move into a career in catering. I have had several years experience in the industry many years ago, mainly as a silver service waiter but also I spent some time helping out in the kitchen at a few places. However, like I say this was many years ago.

Before spending quite a lot of money on a private catering college I think it may be wise to try and get some experience in a professional kitchen.

My question therefore is as follows; Do you think there is any chance that I may be able to persuade a restaurant to offer me an, unpaid, internship? Also any advice on how I may go about would be most welcome.

As professional Chefs yourselves are you open to these kind of propositions from people interested in the work? Or is it that in a professional kitchen such people merely get in the way?

Any advice would be most welcome.


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Where do you live? You can work for me for free!! :lips:

I don't know of many talented Chefs that wouldn't let you. Just understand, that as any newbie, you would have to start off at the bottom, peeling potatoes, p and d shrimp, blanch veggies, etc.

Good luck. I hope you understand that most successful caterers have years and years of kitchen experience from the bottom up. I hope you have some Doogie Howser prodigy in you if you're looking for a short time in the kitchen into a successful catering position.
" Never fry bacon naked!"

" Never fry bacon naked!"

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Many thanks for the reply.

As you say I am expecting to start by peeling potatoes and the like, but I'm quite prepared from this.

I'm based in DC, so as much as I'd be willing to peel some potatoes for you I'm afraid that the commute would be a little hard!
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most restaurants will gladly accept unpaid interns. but be warned that most will give you the crappy jobs like chopping veggies all day. look for the smaller places that aren't coperate owned, they will probably show you more than knife skills!
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What Are You Waiting For?

I'd say that you should already be an avid home cook, making all the Holiday Meals, special items for the Holidays etc. etc. You should love to entertain and entertain frequently for your parties or your friends.

If you don't have a real passion for the kitchen then catering school will prob not help.

If you like catering and the client relationship part then it is totally possible to be a caterer who contracts with a chef or restaurant to prepare all of the food for your parties.

Either way, my first step would be to start working for the best caterer in your town. The caterer with the best rep in the type of catering that interests you.

Then after 6 month to a year you can assess areas you need to improve your knowledge and experience.

Good Luck!
It's the kind of ***-busting work that turns out to be the most rewarding.

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Many thanks for your replies. I would class myself as an avid home cook, I'm at my happiest working away in the kitchen and enjoy cooking many different styles of food.

I have few places in mind that I would be interested in interning at. As for methods of approaching them would you recommend writing or maybe calling in person, outside of busy times of course?

Thanks again for your replies, I realise that much hard work may lie in the future but I'm rather excited by the chance of following my dreams into the kitchen!

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i would suggest that you call or stop in when its not busy, usually sometime after lunch and before dinner, tell them your intentions and see what happens.
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