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Pasta Crisis

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Well its been a very long time since i posted a thread, but im back and i need help:chef: . Im currently constructing a menu with our local high school to use in competition for the Pro-Start State Competition. I am in charge of coming up with an entree and being from key west i think i would like to go with some nice fresh seafood. Since everything in the competition has to be made from scratch (with exception of stocks), and only allowed to use two burners as a heat source i was thinking of making something with pasta. not only does it score some nice points, but cooks quickly in the sixty minute time time frame we have.

Therefore, I was thinking something along the lines of a crab and lobster rotini or ravioli, with some type of nice light sauce to keep the fragile flavors of the lobster and crab. At this point anything is game any type of crab or lobster. However i would love to know your imput on ideas of fillings that are elaborate yet maintainable withing sixty minutes from start to finish. In my opinion, and correct me if im wrong, the sauce is a MAJOR factor of whether the dish is a success. so ideas on some creative and elaborate sauces would be HIGHLY appreciated, NOTE sauces cannot contain alcohol at all. If any other ideas come into mind, remember im a sponge. Thank you very much.

Bryan Canales
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I'm sure you have noticed the lack of response to your post, I believe that everyone, while very creative and helpful, is hesitant to do your "homework" for you for a competition.....
That said, a suggestion would be to concider the skill level of those helping put together this dish, as it sounds like a team event.......
I would concider a bechamel sauce, perhaps with some shrimp or crab liquid in it for additonal flavor, and perhaps a bit of parmesan cheese......
Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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wow, thats a bummer that no alchol is allowed, i mean, visually when u flame ur dish if u added liqour, it would have looked cool.

anyway, i think u shuld go for something substantial, perhaps a roasted garlic sauce? u said seafood is good, use something like prawn or crab stock, get the heads and just boil the heck out of it to obtain something pure. (perhaps an onion, garlic, bay leaf) use the stock to make ur sauce, like stated, a blechmel.

the ravioli should also be strong in flavour, use a mixture of seafood perhaps? im thinking however, be intresting and instead of maybe making 5 or 6 raviolis per plate, make 2 or 3 big ones where the flavbour of the seafood can be contained. i can suggest herbs to go along with it, probably just fresh basil or something. a touch of cream maybe at the end to give it that extra ooo cream kinda feeling.
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I agree with the 'doing the homework' aspect of this.

However, I'm also assuming that everyone else in the competition has equal access to resources like you do. Although 'just Googling a recipe' comes to mind if they don't know forums like this exist.

Unfair advantage? I'll let you decide.

In the meantime, when I was in Virginia we had a lovely very light crab/lobster enchilada in a white mild chili (a green fresh roasted variety NOT Anaheim) sauce. Get very light thin corn tortillas and it's really different and nice. A crumble of Coteja cheese. Black bean salad.

Seafood Tamales steamed in banana leaves. <don't know your time restraints>

Fish tacos...(I'm digressing now...:roll: )

I tend to steer away from what I think is kind of standard...like ravioli.

Sorry, just me...and I'm weird....:D :eek:

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How about a nice scalop civeche as appetizer.
No need of burner, alcool or sauce.

sliced Scalops with olive oil, lemon or lime juice, salt, pepper, fresh chopped dill.
Serve it in a chilled plate and add watermelon cubes for extra freshness.
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Trio of seabass

I would do a trio of seabass.

Carpaccio of seabass (sliced out onto plate)
Seabass tortellini ( some fresh rocket)
Panfried marinated seabass (resting on cucumber spaghetti)

The tortellini just a drizzle of olive oil over.
The panfried a light lemon foam.

Quick, simple - the only real prep is the tortellini and spaghetti.

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