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Good Cocoa Powder

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Hi Gabg,

Last night Alton Brown made brownies, chocolate syrup, hot cocoa mix, and LUSCIOUS looking lava muffins. Since then I've been craving chocolate - even dreamed about a chocolate volcano :crazy: :lol:

I've decided to try some of his recipes in the next week or so, and was wondering what brands of cocoa powder you find to be of the highest quality, both regular and Dutch process. I've got some Dagoba here in the house, but it will soon need repleneshment, so what else is out there that you can highly recommend? I've got a Penzeys order going out soon and, IIRC, Penzeys sells some cocoa powder. Any comments on their product?


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Some good cocoa powder producers are...

Scharffen Berger

Those are all the top tier producers...Dagoba is also very good...these are right up there with them...Scharffen Berger is seen more in the retail market but any of those can be ordered from www.chocosphere.com.

Have a good one,
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