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My First Post!!!

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hi everyone,

I just recently got started in a cooking class and love it. I've been cooking for a while.
I hope to learn a lot from u guys/gals

first question... when you traveling chefs go places, what do u take with u exactly??? I only own a wusthof classic 8" cooks knife and a 4.5" utility knife and a sharpening steel. These are the only knives ive needed in the past. Just wondeirng what else people take with them. I just purchased a knife roll to make carrying my knives easier so i figured i might as well fill it :)
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I'm not a professional but I often get invited to cook at friends' houses and I end up taking half my kitchen with me. I've learned that most folks don't have in their kitchens what I have in mine and I'm expected to cook a dinner for 12 with one 10" frying pan and a 3 quart pot. As to the knives, I bring them all. I have had occasion to use all of them at least once and some of them all the time. But I tend to be a bit obsessive with these things; when I want to put my hand on something it needs to be there or I get cranky :crazy:

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When I go to work and school I bring a prep kit with me.
It consists of tongs, whisks, measuring spoons, cups, cutting board, flat edge spatula, serving and slotted spoons, ladle, pastry bag, peeler, first aid kit, one of those fold able plastic cutting boards, tea towels, dish cloth, 4 thermometers, meat fork, steels (Diamond and steel), a garnish kit consisting of zesters peelers ballers and various vegetable knives, dough scraper, and my knives, henckel knives, 10" French, 6" Boning knife, and 11" Bread, and a 3" pairing.

I bring what I use, and on a daily basis between class and work, I usually use all of my kit.
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