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Has Anyone Ordered......

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Has anyone ordered from "Cookware Essentials"? I was looking for a GOOD tart pan with a removeable bottom, some ramakins, and a new Good Teakettle! Any thoughts?
Maine Cook (Julie):look:
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Yes I have ordered from cookware essentials, a 12" saute pan by "gormet standard" (which I have used twice and love it). I must say I recieved the order very fast and the communication was very good. Originally it was supposed to be back ordered, but I recieved an email a day later saying that my item has shipped with all of the tracking info. My order arrived 5 days later as I opted for the cheapest (free) shipping. I would order from them again.
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Thanks CW!
I saw a lot of stuff I was literally drooling over, but if I can't physically examine it I get nervous ordering it! They have a Harvest Green Teakettle over there that I've been eyeballing! I just wish I could look inside and feel the weight!
M.C./ Julie
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