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Myrtle Beach, SC

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My ACF chapter had its sixth annual hot foods competition and salon a couple weeks ago, and it was the biggest and best ever! We had 60 competitors from as far away as Texas.

It's a mystery box competition, sort of like Iron Chefs because we have four chefs at a time cooking. The competition lasts three days, and the top prize is $1,000, a trophy, gold ACF medal, a travel package and kitchen equipment.

Hope some of you will consider coming to Myrtle Beach in January 2008 to compete. The national ACF magazine will have a story about it in their April 2007 issue.
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Rioz in Myrtle Beach

I competed in this competition, received a bronze and plan to compete next year. And a quick comment about Myrtle Beach Restaurants, Rioz a Brazilian steak house was superb.
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