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I'm not really worried about the reunion...I figure my classmates still think they're still cute/handsome yet too, lol. We'll all just fool ourselves for one night, lol. I only attended the 10 and 20 year. Funny, the 10 year everyone was trying to impress each other and the 20 year, you either made it or you didn't so I figure the 40th will be that we're all just happy we're still kickin'. I had a young man come into work last week and told me (this is really a backhanded compliment) "I bet you were really "hot" when you were young", lol. 10 years ago, I would have been insulted, now....I thanked him, lol. I only have one thing left on my "to do list" and it probably won't happen but I did all the rest and that gives me comfort. (I went to Germany the wrong time of the year to go bobsledding and that's the last thing to do). To me, if you're unhappy about something in your life, CHANGE IT, even if it doesn't make sense to anyone else, it has to make sense only to you. Appreciate your children and family while you have them. Don't worry about anything that you're not going to worry about 30 days from now. It took me a long time to realize these simple things. It's not about money, you can have it one day and be broke the next, it's about the important things things in life, you, your family, your friends and making sure you have enough diapers on hand for your dog, lol.
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You just have to laugh !!

Your dating "add" gave me a (much needed) good laugh :talk: . Just had a great, but very tiring long w/end with family. Had our cousin,his wife and 16 mnth old twins visit.Combine them with our four kids... I'm looking forward to work !! Keep smiling Nofifi I'm sure things will turn around for you.There seems to be plenty of good advice and ears to listen here.
Im still crossing the divide between childs nappies and dog diapers!!The end is somewhere close ??!!
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Hey...Jaime...I'm here...

I appreciate the e's. I intend to write to you. I'm just getting to the point of not gritting my teeth to the gumline.

I've got a lot going on with the legal service <that HOPEfully> will help me with this. Papers have to be filed by Thursday and I have to drive into Vegas on Wed. YUUUUUUKKKKKK!
At least I didn't have to go in when they had the Nascar thing going on. Total insanity. It was kind of funny because it was like Day of the Triffids or something here. Absolutely DEAD on the streets the whole weekend. I don't know if anyone had the same news about it but they showed all of the roads leaving the area after the race was over and it was a parking lot. I could have walked faster. I kept thinking 'can you imagine the amount of gas all of these things were wasting?' I personally can't see it being worth the expense or trouble. Maybe going to the track...but ... Heck no...

Nobody asked's DESERT for God's sake! Pick a place and make a parking lot and BUS people in!

I've have been looking for positions in all kinds of places. (not here) Yes, it's heartening. There IS A REAL WORLD OUT THERE!!!

I think we're going to focus on Billings. Pop over 110k and I didn't see a proper bakery or catering listed anywhere I Googled. (is it me or does that sound funny?)

I like the rural/rustic/western aspect of Montana. We had a great 7 acre property about 30 miles N of Yellowstone right before we moved to this ... place. <family problems...don't ask...wait for the book>

In any event, my dear youngest (15) is now determined that we are going to open a B&B/dude ranch/cafe/catering/petting zoo/animal rehab-reserve...I am now officially exhausted months prior to even moving.

This wonderful plan of course is all mutated into one grand package with her but I've explained, or at least tried to, that we have to START by getting out of here to get there. I can certainly understand her enthusiasm because I'd like to do the same thing. BUT I'm an old fart, not an immortal teen (heck, 5 rounds of bowling messed my left leg up for MONTHS last year...sheesh!). I keep pretending that I'm still 19 and my bod goes...uh.....noooooooooooo? You want me to do what?

Her mission is to do research on just what the beginning steps will be to impliment her plans. I homeschool so this will be a great op for her to understand the basics of business. It would be so nice if all you had to do was WISH IT REALLY REALLY HARD....LOL! :p (Um...what was I just saying about growing up? OH, that's optional...)

She has some great ideas but we just have to get over the in your face right now hurdles.

I made about 8 zillion choc chip cookies over the weekend for taste tests around the valley. (Heck with 'will work for food'...'will make cookies for money!') So I'm going to run around tomorrow and see what kind of interest I can generate. I'm trying to make a kind of soft cookie for ice cream sands, but having a little trouble. Think it has to have more of a cake base than my typical cookie base. I like them crispy but also used straight butter because I understand it will make them softer (nope). So I'm going to be FORCED to experiment.

In the meantime my dear daughter is eating her weight in cookies and milk...:eek: (What's for dinner ma? ... just kidding)

Actually it's more like: Want a cookie? "YUP"...Pick up your clothes...:D

Will know more on Thursday.


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Ok I'm shocked- Joe, you ALWAYS have something witty to entertain us with!!! Any single chef friends to pair our ladies up with???
So how's that kitchen coming?? Will it be like Muskyhopeful's kitchen? (commercial kitchen in a house) Sit back, put your feet up, I'll send you a hot meal( for the whole family), and the next one's on me.:beer: LOL
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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Hey Jayme,

Not really in the know of anyone single anymore. He'll kill me for this but there is SGMCHEF here. But I think they would have to be willing to relocate to Wisconsin!:eek: Actually Been married long enough it scare's the heck outta most of singles. Ya know that early bed time and all. :smiles:

Kitchen is moving forward. Floor is in (and not a moment too soon since we found 24sf of rotten floor under things) cabinets are due to arrive on the 27th and water is running via the refridgerator and a new slop sink in the laundry. 5 days with no usable sink is not a picnic I would add. Meals have been out or of the Wendy's/Subway variety everynight. Because of the weather and me under it right now, I was forced to make microwave chicken soup. Not something that I want to get in the habit of if you can picture it. Scarey!:rolleyes: I sure miss the stove.:suprise:

Nope on the appliances this time. Had the Wolf and SubZero all picked out but the HVAC replacement killed that. But then again it dawned on me that after selling the last house where we did the mega upgrade and not seeing the return it probably would have been nixed anyhow. However, we did go with granite this time and the appliances are GE Profile (36" 5 burner drop-in gas cooktop, 30" single multi-cook convection oven, Advantium oven and a decent wall mount hood). A couple nice upgrades on the cabinets like full extension drawers, a Mixer cabinet (shelf the KA sits on and raises and lowers in the cabinet) a couple fancier tiered drawers and an island (mixer cabinet is part of this). Oh yeah and a nice pantry cabinet.

Thanks on the hot meal but something tells me that coming from the left to the right coast.......:roll:I'll just settle for a cold one.:beer:

Have a good one.
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Jox- Isn't nice when you can log on and get a laugh? I have had rough days whenI get on here and find something that Old school, Kuan, or Pan has posted, and I crack up!! After a house load and toddler twins (do you have a house still?)- I guess work would seem like a break.....LOL

April- Should I just call you "cookie woman"? Montana is supposed to be beautiful. Have customer's and friends that hunt there. Do we have any CT folks there?- check the map. Would be nice if you could find someone for info. Sounds like you are on the right track of info gathering- should be an educational experience for your daughter. May be time for a road trip soon. (You will remember if you are coming through Sacramento, you'd better say hi) LOL gotta love Vegas- and NASCAR- it's for people with too much money.

Nofifi- how's D.D.?- still waiting on those pics!! :smiles:
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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Can't hijack this thread...LOL can write whatever you want here....
Don't you just love construction surprises?? We discovered we had a sliding glass door and a window that are not even framed in. Such fun! You need the electric skillet or crock pot my friend!! Soup in the micro would not be a pretty sight- and when you are sick, you need soup!
Hope you are feeling better soon- you have a kitchen to finish...LOL. Hang in there!
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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Not speaking on behalf of the others mentioned but I certainly am glad to provide some amusment.(BTW I am honored by the company you have mentioned me with tho.) Had a co-worker on an opening team once that would always say "A sense of humor is not only necessary.... It is essential!"
Been over a dozen years and I still am reminded about it each and every day we start a new project here and Casa de Hades.:rolleyes: Everyone keeps telling me we're gonna end up with one heck of a house.....Someday! Although I hope I live to see that day and it'd be nice to hear it from someone other than a person I'm paying to do work or a well meaning Aunt and Uncle:bounce: :lol: ;)

Thanks for the wishes. Feeling much better after dinner at the Japanese Steak house. (and the 3 tall warm saki's didn't hurt things either). As far as the skillet goes? We have nothing but the floor to set in on at the moment. Well.... there is a bar. But if you think I'm moving the bottles filled with "my precious" to put a skillet up there......:eek: :rolleyes: :suprise: :look: :lol: C'mon I gotta set some limits to things here. But it was kinda funny seeing me sweat mirepoix in the microwave. Atleast I had some good roasted chicken stock on hand otherwise it really woulda gotten ugly.:D

Window and door not framed in. That's a hoot. Good thing no one leaned to hard once or twice.

Dinner time for ya'll out there. Time for the nightcap here:cool: I'll be hangin' out for a while longer so.......
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Jayme, I've decided you are the glue of this post, you keep everyone going. I'm impressed about your stint on tv. I wish I could have seen it!! I bet you were just wonderful.

Sorry you're dealing with all those "construction surprises". I hate when that happens, Old School. Hope you're feeling better now and that you'll have that house finished sooner than you anticipate (but we all know "murphy's law" lol).

April, keep baking those cookies, sounds like a good thing for you.

Just a quick note to let you know that I still haven't taken any pics of diaper dog for you Jayme. I'm working horrible hours, have the flu and coming home just exhausted but things are changing at work soon and I'll be out of there and hopefully, moving soon out of state. Diaper Dog isn't doing well, completely blind now and will probably be joining my other past doggies at the Rainbow Bridge before long. He sleeps most of the day until around 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. and just wanders around barking and bumping into walls. Poor little guy. Vet says it's just dementia otherwise not in pain or anything. (He is approaching his 18th birthday).

Jayme, I'm firing you as my date pimp, lol. I really think you've tried but I'm just too old and too crusty to date, lol.

Well, gotta another grueling day ahead of me so I'm going to bed. Thanks all for the nightly laughs here.
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I don't think I would survive w/o a good sense of humor- sometimes it has all that has sustained me- ya either laugh or cry- I've done both, but I'd rather laugh! They say your house never looks as good as the day the realtor puts up the FOR SALE sign...LOL That's how our last was- a work in progress and then SOLD- we made a pretty house for the next owner. I was determined not to do that again....but here we are, 2 years, and still working on it...LOL As far as those window/door- the window was hanging tight with those ole molly screws (in the little kids room), and door was at least attached to the wall studs but no header..LOL SURPRISE!!:look:
And as far as your bar goes-- wall shelves to hold your "elixirs of life", leaving bar open for cooking.... tapas bar anyone? LOL :beer:
Mire poix in the micro...mmmm yummy :p dude, (yeah I'm calling you dude- guess I've been around the sous chef too long- calls everyone dude) you NEED to cook!!!! LOL Just watch, the withdrawls will be coming.... you'll go to a restaurant with an open kitchen and instead of eating you'll just sit and watch the chefs.... you'll be ACTUALLY WATCHING Rachel Ray soon..... it won't be a pretty picture...... :eek: (but hey, we'll be here for you!!) LOL
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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Nofif- Hey this has become Jayme's world....LOL (even Elmo gets a world) So come on in, have a seat, can I get you some tea? or Oldschool will pour you something stronger; April will be along with some of her cookies, and since you are sick- Oldschool will bring some of his famous microwave soup. (or I do have some roast beef and potatoes simmering in broth and wine in the crock-pot) LOL Everyone is welcome!!!
Poor D.D.- please get a pic of him, esp. if he is not doing well....:(
I'm fired???? (mock surprise) ..well hey, I've never been called a pimp before...oooo baby (blush:blush: ) I think my resource pool was a little shallow here too.....Chefs, you let me down :(
So what state are you moving to? (CA?)
As far as my first TV appearance- well I think I need to work on it- but I plan to... it was my first appearance and they rushed me so much (2 segments before me ran long) I was nervous... I think I'm capable of better... I do fine with teaching parties at my school....I need to work on my "stage presence". I definately would like to do more TV work in the future-- that was my career goal when I was very young...LOL (growing up sure sucks- spoils all your dreams) I'm trying to see if I can at least get a pic of my appearance that I'll see if I can post. Sounds like you and oldschool were on for awhile... Nicko do we need a live chat room????? LOL
I still would love to take the google map and go visiting everyone.... oh those days B.K. (before kids)- I was rather impulsive and would do things like take off with a 10 minute notice and go somewhere a couple hours drive away just to see someone. :bounce:
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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I'm in a bit of a pissy mood today.... Happy St. Patrick's Day by the way!
As an individual of British heritage- I love St Paddy's Day. (but this is not a good one) My turn to vent...... this weekend, my hubby has refused to allow me to work at the restaurant. He says I have been, "playing" too much lately. I "played" the last 2 friday and sat eves at the restaurant and then I "played" at a teaching party at my school, plus I go "play" every monday at school. I never realized that working a job you enjoy and studying something you like is "play".... but he says that I'm just playing that I happen to get paid for. Perhaps I am nieve, but I thought work that you enjoyed was a GOOD thing?? apparently it doesn't count as work unless you are miserable doing it?? I'm still working our day job- running our business- which I really don't care for, but after 10 years, I'm still doing it. I don't get it!! can anyone enlighten me????:cry:
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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In Ireland they celebrate being Irish by holding a huge parade once a year, getting drop down pissed drunk, passing out in gutters, vomiting uncontrollably and urinating in public.

In Australia they do the same thing only they call it 'the weekend'.


(now, now...I actually got that one from an Aussie Bloke when we lived there)

In answer to the question about "play vs work". I'm not sure I understand it either. I really fail to see why you have to hate doing something in order to be taken seriously about making a living at it...??? (a wee bit of jealousy maybe?)

In the same light when I was growing up I always had trouble believing that my talent was worth something because it was too easy. It was always impressed on me that work had to be ... well ... WORK. It was something that you escaped from on weekends or vacations or the exact second the clock hits 5pm.

It's "work", it's a "job", it's a "chore"...all negative definitions...
We need to come up with a different word for it!

I figure what's the point of spending most of your hours doing something you hate. Plus what is going to inspire you to do a good job?

Heck, the culinary arts are hardly the most cushy jobs vs pay scale. You gotta be crazy about doing it, or just crazy...:crazy:
I'm sure there are plenty of professions you could get paid more to hate doing. (Which is precisely I'm still unemployed at present.)

pssst....why don't you just start complaining? I BURNED MY PINKIE FINGER ON FUDGE...or MY TRI TIP TURNED OUT TOUGH!!!! MY ASPARAGUS DIDN'T BLANCH RIGHT! You could always exagerate the little stuff...It took me 10 MINUTES to find my measuring spoons...WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP MOVING MY MEASURING SPOONS!!!??? BAHAHAHAHA!

Of course then it would no doubt be, "Well, if you don't like it why don't you quit?" My response would be, Heck, I worked on the family business for 10 years and I haven't quit that have I?
<You can tell I haven't been married for a long time can't you?>

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LOL thanks! All's calm at home for the moment...hubby gone till tomorrow (only the 4th time in 10 years he will be away from home for a night) YEAH!!!!! It is a much needed break!! PARTY at my house!! LOL ok ok, the party will probably be that I make something sinfully chocolatey for dessert, (probably homemade pizza for dinner- kid's request) and a run to Blockbuster for some movies. BIG party here!! LOL Like OldSchool said about being single- would not know how to be back in the dating scene- how would you ask a guy or gal out??? Guess it is the same with parties-- been with kids now for 19 years- parties?? -- cake, pinatas, goodie bags.... oh you meant- margaritas, loud music, people coming out of clothes before the night is over, police showing up ???? hmmmmm..... LOL I spoke with my chef friend last night- he did cover the weekend w/o me- but made me feel better, said they would miss me very much. Let's try for next weekend. A close friend thinks my hubby is feeling jealous and insecure of me. I am doing something that I have always loved- only now I'm actually getting paid for it. He asks me if I work in a restaurant am I going to run off with some chef..... LOL nah like I said I wouldn't know HOW to date anymore- besides aren't chefs supposed to all date the waitstaff??
I have been asking to get fired from our own business for years- hubby tells me "slaves have to be sold"... any bids???? LOL (maybe THAT is my way out?)
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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How was my day you ask. Huh?

Well let's see. Other than having to wade thru 20 pages of job postings to see what's new? Umm, errr, uhhhhhhh...................


I'll might be unable to post anything else for a while. Mainly since it's taken me 3 tris and 2 hours to post this one handed. While messing with things outside today I falled down go boom.

Well actually I really screwed up my left hand. I came down on a boulder on my left hand when trying to break my fall. Mainly the heal of my palm and wrist but also the pinkey and it's neighbor have been damaged.(To what extent I don't know but actually these two went blue from no circulation.) Things were/are compounded because of a carpal tunnel surgery I had 6yrs ago and the fact that the protection for something like this is removed as part of the surgery. So me/wife/daughter spent the evening at the ER and I have to make an appt. to see a hand specialist.

X-ray showed no broken bones, which is good, but the symptoms are saying something different so that's why the specialist needs to be seen to determine if there is any vascular or nerve damage.

I hope to have some encouraging news about the hand but my gut and how I feel (even on a vicodine/oxycontine cocktail) are painting a different picture in my mind.

BTW gang. It's all good. Just another day in the life of.....
"The gimpy guinny"

I guess it's time I listened and slowed down abit. Got no choice now.
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Oldschool- what are we to do with you???? Geez you take your eyes of the kids for a minute and they go and get hurt. Does this mean you just added a month to the kitchen project? (building permits are good for 6 mos right?) LOL Mandatory slow down!! Now you can't drink and type at the same time, so we'll never hear from you...LOL Rent some good movies and take it easy for a bit. And, hey, no more owies!!!

I've been so busy at work, have scarcely had time to go online. It's good, because last year was very slow, we need the work (income), but I can hardly keep up. Have invoices piled up on my desk that need to get entered in the computer- if the phone will ever stop ringing...... LOL Home this weekend again- hubby still refusing to allow me to go work at the restaurant. He says the days I work there, I'm so busy thinking about going there after work, that I don't get enough done during the day.... (so now even THINKING is too much fun for me.....) And over the weekend, he absolutely fell in love with the location he was at, and is now saying we need to move there. He has all these ideas for me to open a restaurant there (aparently they need a good one). But it is quite rural. He was bragging about my cooking abilities and telling his friend that since I will be a chef soon, and I'm so great- I could open a restaurant...... (his friend is actually a former culinary student, but never worked in the industry) Funny how my career gets his support when it is to his benefit......????!!!!!:smiles:
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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Actually Jayme,

I'm getting better at this typing with one hand thingy. The key tho is to drink before you post. Or is that post before you drink. Maybe it's drink before and after you post. Yeah that's it.:rolleyes:

Just for the record there's allot more talk than drinking these days. 'specially since it's getting harder than it was 25yrs ago to deal with the next day consequences. But as far as I know it's still the best pain killer out there.:look:

Kitchen is still on track. I had a feeling that my back would prevent me from finishing the kitchen on time so we oppted for the cabinets and appliances to be installed. Never woulda figgered the hand would cause the issue.:suprise:

We're expecting SMGCHEF sometime today. Been sipping at the wine stock enjoying the weather we're having here in C.H. VA. Some called for rain and a couple said it would be cooler b ut I'd have to say the they were both wrong since it's sunny and in th 70's. Just kick'n and enjoying some of the projects we've completed (patio and pond). :cool:
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Old's got a feeking, Old's got a feeking!!!

I just *KNEW* you'd eventually confess...
And you thought we wouldn't catch that little slip???? :)
No fair driving the tractor until you're done with the meds. You'll wind up on yer head... :eek:

And just to stay on track with the general premise of the topic, for Jayme, April, nofifi (and any others I've missed) I do not know of any single guys that will meet all of your requirements... And most of the single guys I do know that fit the majority of the criteria are essentially jerks, so no help there, either. Sorry, but the truth stinks...
I might be suffering from CDO.
It is just like OCD, except the letters are in alphabetical order.
Just as they should be...
I might be suffering from CDO.
It is just like OCD, except the letters are in alphabetical order.
Just as they should be...
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DMT- LOL I noticed Oldschool's typo there too.... I was just figuring it was the "drinking BEFORE typing" thing....

On track? you mean we HAVE a track here?? wow- cool! LOL So I have to ask then- ARE there any sane, decent, stable, sweet, single, straight, men left out there??? (perhaps explains why so many women are gay??- or bisexual- one of my friends says ALL women are bisexual- it's just whether they act on it or not, but women are drawn to other women because men cannot meet our needs...????) Poor Nofifi, and April- I may have to pair the two of them up ....TOGETHER...since there are no men available...... (just kidding April and Nofi..... LOL) Unless Oldschool can have a chat with SMG (didn't you say he was single??)??

My day was busy... garden prepping.... I shoveled and raked 1 yd of compost and 60 cu/ft of steer manure. Then planted roses. Then baked cranberry scones and oatmeal-raisin cookies. Then took 15yo clothes shopping. Then cooked dinner. Then went to grocery store to pick up ingredients for tomorrow- catering lunch for a neighbor business as a thank you! Now up late catching up on work. Kind of tired! Think I need to go enjoy Oldschool's patio, pond and trains..... LOLActually- now, 2:30am- going to bed! nite all!
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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Typo?:look: What typo?:rolleyes:(dang K and L are too close together for me right now. Hehehe.)

Nope, wasn't partaking in any grape, grain or malt the other night. Just don't mix well with some things.:smiles:
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Old school- maybe we need to get you a "LARGE PRINT" keyboard...?? well they have books and telephones in large print.....???
How are you feeling, my friend,? on the mend? keeping both feet firmly underneath you? Good! Keep us posted on your progress. Any cooking yet? (electric skillet on the bar???) LOL

Nofifi- Wonderful to speak with you on the phone tonite- you are awesome!!! OK single chefs.... she's fiesty, and intelligent, and very sweet..... I can set you up!!!
Poor D.D..... Pan, be glad you didn't "win" him in your bet.... the raspy "ahhroo" when he gets stuck in the corner would put the conure over the edge.... LOL

April- where are you dear?? Montana??? you ok???
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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Nofifi- Congrats on the house sale!!! yeah!! 1 stress done- 1 to go!! LOL give her the number for a good therapist and tell her to start packing!! LOL I guess we sort of abandoned this thread...... I have been sooo busy lately- have barely had time to get online. I catered a lunch for 125 on saturday and then on sunday, we drove to Gilroy and I got to visit and cook lunch for my sister (visiting from MI) and all the rest of the family. Was fun but very tiring!! and work is so busy, I need and exra day a week just to catch up....LOL

So how is everyone? Oldschool? April? (talked to Nofifi- so I know she is well...LOL)
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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So Jayme, you ask how I is huh???


We're still without a kitchen, started work on the foyer only to find the builder of the home did the most unthinkable thing. He actually used a higher standard. Hehehe (Basically the foyer floor was recessed to accept a mortar base and brick inlay and, as you could imagine our surprise when we expected to find only a veneer. Doohhh!!!! Still waiting on the windows, doors and a couple other things but atleast we've had the yard to escape to. (As I'll explain later in the post.)

The hand? Well let's just leave that with an ARRGGGHHHH!!!!! It is improving though.:o

Anywho not really much to be said lately without sounding like a whinner. I hate that so...... Just been keeping to myself.

Other than HI and hand related disasters things have been very nice. Yard is coming together after several years of neglect by the prior owners, the weather has been exceptional and the Margarita's have been enjoyed while on the patio several times.

The Dogwoods are still in bloom, grass is starting to fill back in, we've been able to rid ourselves of 3 years worth of leaf debris and 40 years of dumping yard waste on the grounds and with the well over 300 Azeleas we have on the property..... Looking better! Too bad the Azaleas won't last much past the first or second week of May. I'll have to shoot ya some pic's via e-mail. Keep an eye out.

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Yes, Jayme, I'm up to my old Italian behind in boxes and junk...amazing what we creatures collect over the years (maybe this could start a new thread, lol). Still waiting the for loan to go through...gawd...I really dislike Bankers!!! (Another new thread, lol). I am going to Colorado right at moving time for a "family" vacation (not something I want to do right now or have time for either) but it would really disappoint and hurt some people if I backed out (even with moving as an excuse). I plan on just enjoying the mountains, do alittle fly fishing and drinking ALOT of martini's and think about moving afterwards. (I'll actually get back from vacation, go back to Missouri the next day to move to Kansas). Now, for the bad news.....Diaper Dog is sinking fast and I will unfortunately have to send him to Doggie Heaven in the next week or so. It's pretty sad and I've really put this off way too long. I figure on doing it on my way out of town to meet everyone in Kansas to go to Colorado...nothing like a 5 hour drive to get rid of the tears. I know it's best for his sake. It's just really hard to know that we humans have the power to end our animals lives who have been our friends and companions even though we don't want them to suffer anymore. Yes, I feel very selfish putting this off for my own feelings.
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mmmmm azaelas, we had 9' azaela bushes lining the front yard of our first house, it is one of the things I miss about Louisiana. There is nothing like spring in the deep south, it is some kind of gorgeous.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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This has helped me this past year...we had to put down our Borzoi, Reba....she was a rescue and much loved by us. it's never easy....

The Last Battle

If it should be that I grow frail and weak
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then will you do what must be done,
For this -- the last battle -- can't be won.
You will be sad I understand,
But don't let grief then stay your hand,
For on this day, more than the rest,
Your love and friendship must stand the test.
We have had so many happy years,
You wouldn't want me to suffer so.
When the time comes, please, let me go.
Take me to where to my needs they'll tend,
Only, stay with me till the end
And hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see.
I know in time you will agree
It is a kindness you do to me.
Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I have been saved.
Don't grieve that it must be you
Who has to decide this thing to do;
We've been so close -- we two -- these years,
Don't let your heart hold any tears.

-- Unknown
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Thank you Jim for that poem, it is beautiful...I'm so sorry about Reba and yes, you're's never easy. I lost 2 greyhounds within a year to bone cancer and had to do this before. The thing about Diaper Dog I just realized he's going to be 19 years old in June and he's had a very long good life. I made the appointment for next week and will stay with him until the end at the Vet's office like I've done with previous dogs, that's the least I can do for him. Thank you again for taking the time to send the poem.
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Today the electrician (was to have been yesterday) will arrive to do the trimout on everything. This means the kitchen will be complete!!!!!!!!:bounce: We except for 4 corbel's for the island overhang. They're on order and won't be here until next week. I'll have some pic's as soon as the electrician finishes. We are so psyched to be able to eat a home cooked meal for the first time since February!

Other than that.... Really sorry to hear that DD is not gonna be around much longer nofifi. It's always a sad day. I can still remember in our home when we had to put my childhood pet down. Granted it's been a long time but I just haven't been able to own another one since. On the other hand my wife and daughter have two cats and though one is rather tolerable (Eli) the other (Stormy) is pure EVIL! But there not mine to deal with.
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I really hate to double post on a thread so..... Do you really want to know?????

Well here goes. Just click this link and you'll know how the day was.
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Ha, in Miami the old codgers are all looking for 20 something ( nothing younger because they would be crossing the creepy line!) aspiring Model/actress/spokesperson

So, women like us, older, mature with kick ***** sense of humor and more braincells in our pinky than 10 , 20 yo put together are NOT considered "DATE" material. Maybe, it's that "mothering thing" we cook, clean, spoil our men..when it should be the other way around...

With these old codgers is...Use them, abuse them, and make them pay for the BOOBS (hehehee)

and guys.... they NEVER get over drooling over the boobs!
Food may bring us together, but a CAKE makes it a PARTY!!
Food may bring us together, but a CAKE makes it a PARTY!!
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