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Bangor Maine

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Years ago I was in Maine visiting a friend living in a town outside Bangor. There was a restuarant called Pilot's Grill in Bangor. As I can remember, it was a very nice seafood place. Does anyone know if this place is still there or if the food is still good? A change of hands is likely after all these years. We may be going to Maine on a short trip this summer and I can hear a lobster calling our names:)

Also, when we all took a trip to Bar Harbor there was a place with a green house atmosphere and at the time ( many years ago)it was one in two in exsistance. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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Best resturant on Mount Desert Island

The Burning Tree.

On Route 3 between Bar Harbor and Northeast Harbor, just outside of Otter Creek.
An easy restaurant to speed by because it is out of town all by its self. Passed by for years on the way to Bar Harbor from the Black Woods campground thinking that we should stop and try it sometime. Wish we would have stopped sooner as it is our favorite restaurant ever. We vacation in Maine every other year and that is the highlight of the trip. Great food, great service. We went so many times one vacation the hostess would fling open one of the windows and yell "The Kernahan's are here". She even made the owner/cook come out to our table. He told us that the hostess said they came all the way from Michigan and have eaten here five times this trip, so you better go and talk to them.
I had been going there for years and read a review about the really great vegetarian restaurant. Vegetarian?!! 'm not a vegetarian. The selection of seafood and other dishes was so good I never noticed that they normally don't serve red meat. I think I have seen red meat a few times but very seldom. Highlights are the poached cod, Maryland-style crab cakes with a roasted jalapeno tartar sauce, mussels in coconut broth.

Reservations are highly recommended.
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