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Range Puzzle

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I know the features I would like but I am having trouble finding one brand or model that works. Here is what I need:
1. All Gas
2. Broiler
3. Convection Gas Oven
4. At least one Burner at High BTU
5. Ability to slide pots across grill
6. Some white color, Not all Stainless, but not all white
7. 36" Free Standing
8. Good Quality, Last a life time
9. Self Cleaning ( but I don't have to have this)
10. A grill would be OK.
11. Budget < $6K

Any thoughts
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I have a Wolf which covers all your needs except the color and self-cleaning.

Check out the Bluestar. They offer 190 different colors, great power, etc. I might have went this way but had ordered the Wolf before I came across these. Here's a link to the site. Keep in mind you'll need lots of ventilation.


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