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Totally Geeked!!

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Hello, I am new to the group. Just got some news I wanted to share with other "foodies". I just found out that the bread festival I am going to later this month is going to have Peter Reinhart as a speeker:bounce: ! He will be talking about "The Many Tastes of Whole Grain Bread". I have been pouring over his book for the last week. And I also just got a grain mill and am all about cooking with whole grains. I can't believe my luck! Also Jeffery Hamelman of King Arthur Flour will be there and to top it all off Jen Lapidus, who bakes my current passion, -Flemish Desem Bread- is giving a class on the subject!:roll:

Imagine my horror:eek: when I realized that Peters and Jens talks overlap and are in differnt locations:cry: Oh dear, what am I going to do??:confused:

Anyway, just wanted to share!

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So, where is thhis bread festival taking place?

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Good question.
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I did a google search out of curiosity. I'm pretty sure this is it! :D

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North Carolina eh? Well I guess that counts me out :cry:

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Had a blast at bread festival!

Sorry didn't respond to your question... was crazy busy till we left. Asheville is a cool town, much to do and a foodies dream. There were so many awesome places to eat.

Went a bit nuts and purchased like...a dozen loaves of bread. I couldn't stop! It's all sliced up and in the freezer to enjoy slice by slice...yummy.

The Desem class was so neat, Jen really knows her stuff. It's no wonder people from all over the country seek her out for her Desem knowledge. Peter's class was cool...forgot to take my book for him to sign...darn it. Also took a pie class that was neat. Learned alot about pie crust...maybe I will stop buying my pie crusts from the dairy dept in the gorcery store.

If any of you can make it next year I highly recommend it! I think my family will return each year even if we move from the area. It was that neat!

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:-((( :-((((

You tell us 4 day's too late....:-((( :-(((( qahtan
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Sorry...I feel bad :{ It was a 4 hr drive for us. Do you live near Asheville, NC? If so, start making plans for next year! Or better yet, just go soon. Asheville and the surrounding towns have quite a few artsian bakeries...it's kinda odd, but in a good way:lips:
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Bread Festival.........

Yes I would like to have gone , but last year I found out about it and told a friend that lives in Hendersonville, he is also a home bread baker. I am in Niagara Peninsula, Southern Ontario. :-))) Where it looks as if spring has finally come to life, we have snowdrops and crocus out in bloom..... qahtan
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I'm a Michigander

I'm from the North too. Beaverton, Michigan to be exact. I am ashamed to say that after 8 years of living in the south I am soft when it comes to weather. We were up in the 80's yesterday and today we are having a thunder storm. The lawn is ready to me mowed. Red buds are out now and the dog woods are gearin up. I have even heard of people planting thier gardens already...crazy. My Dad never plants until about Memorial day in Michigan due to frost.
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