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Interesting thread, I wouldn't say the worst but let's say there are things I do not really appreciate , Caldecotte Arms.

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I do not have many bad restaurant experiences. I almost always like the food, but in a few the service has been atrocious.
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I believe the worst restaurant experience I have ever had was in Del Friscos in NYC.  I went there on a Sunday night for a friends birthday party and we had a party of 23. They over cooked our steaks when we all ordered Medium Rare and Rare all around, now not to sound like a snob or anything but when I am paying upwards of $50 for a steak I expect it to be cooked right and not over cooked and dry. I got the attention of a water and told him that I ordered a Medium rare steak as did most of our table and asked if we could have our steaks changed.  A total of 8 of us had steaks that were pretty much on the Well side, I say this because there wasn't much pink left even at the middle of the steak.  So the waiter comes back with his supervisor and he examines our steak and proceeds to tell us that our steaks are indeed medium rare as he pointed out the slight pink he saw in the steak, at that point I was still calm and explained that a Medium rare steak shouldn't have so little pink in the middle in fact it should be somewhat red in the center and not this dry.  So they take our steaks back and recooked us new ones, out of the 8 of us 6 of us got our steaks cooked right but when me and another friend of ours cut into our steak and now it was just RED in the middle.  The steak looked like he had just seared both sides and served it to me and at that point I was unhapppy with the place and decided I would not go back, however my friend took it to another level and complained once again stating that his cow just said MOOOO to him and that he was very unhappy with his steak and the service of which was provided to us.  He had an argument with the waiter and the supervisor about how we were treated and the sub par steak we received and they said that they would take his steak off the bill, however when the check came they didn't so at this point we just felt like we would not return because of the issues we had with the steak, we paid our bill and departed the restaurant and it had left us with a sour taste in our mouths and we have not been back there since.  But I guess it might be our fault for going there on a Sunday night because we later read some comments online that the head chef doesn't work on Sundays and that the food is not as good on that particular day so all in all I guess chalk it up to poor research on the restaurant?

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value received is important And how uch you've enjoyed yourself, how you're made to feel is important.

Cost is no object on the low side or the high side as long as value is there. I've been to a few Michelin starred restaurants. They earned their stars, but I expected them to and I paid for them to.

My worst experience wasn't even an experience. What would you say the hardest night to get a meal at is? VALENTINES NIGHT. And it's a night that no chef gets off except for a very important event. I got the night off. Got reservations for one of the best places in town. T.Cooks at the Royal Palms (Phoenix, AZ). Got great reservation time because I planned ahead. Had the ring ready. THEY GAVE AWAY MY TABL TO A HEAVY TIPPER.
The one night a year when it is impossible to get another table is Valentines night. But fortunately I know many of the best chefs in my city. I showed up at Tomaso's which was only a few minutes away,where I knew the chef/owner with no reservation on the busiest night of the year during the most intense part of the "rush". I  Explained what happened to chef and why the night was important. The fact that I wasn't working was enough to convince him that it was important. Shoed him the ring. We were seated at the bar within 5 minutes. Had complimentary drinks. We were seated within 15 minutes. Had a great meal. Complimentary wine appetizers and desserts.

I was on the Board of Directors of the most famous museum in Phoenix. The rest of my Board interviewed the Hotel/restaurant where I got bounced from. Then I showed up during their presentation and vetoed having our annual banquet there three years in a row. Each time with an explanation why it isn't nice to bounce people on Valentines night. They lost thousands of dollars and I have steered people away from Royal Palms Hotel as a place to visit, steering them instead to the Phoenician or the Biltmore.. I will continue to talk poorly about that restaurant and Hotel every chance I get. And in case they try to stop me. TRUTH is the ultimate defense against libel or slander. The incident really happened.

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