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Culinary Student Needs Help!

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I'm working on a project for one of my culinary classes and need to do an informal interview of someone who works or has worked in food services at a resort. Anyway I'm having a heck of a time getting through on the phone to the right people and unfortunatly I don't personally know anyone working at a resort. If any one can be of any help answering some or any of the questions below I'd really appreciate it.

1. What is your job title
2. What are your resonsibilites
3. What type of education or training should I seek
4. What was your first job in the industry
5. Any advise for someone just starting out
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Line Cook (gunning for a Supervisor/Sous Chef position though)

Stocking and maintaining either a salad/appetizer/dessert station or a hot entree station for 7-8 hours of business; breaking down and cleaning either line at the end of my shift; prepping & execution for banquets as large of 300 guests; occasionally wash dishes.

You should probably dip your foot in the water by offering a free/minimal paying hand in any type of food production atmosphere. Afterwards, if you decide this industry is for you, investigate culinary schools or find a good mentor willing to teach you.

My first job in the industry was a busboy for a local chicago chain restaurant. I made 6.15/hr and carried about 70lbs of ketchup down a flight of stairs every night to keep my station stocked.

You really have to have your heart set on it. Don't let the culinary school selling lines fool you. Working in this industry means sacrificing weekends, holidays, sleep, and your social life in exchange for minimal monetary compenstation. You can definitely look forward to cleaning deep fryers, polishing flat tops, and emptying grease traps. That does not mean that the job sucks... i do all of the above regularly, I love standing behind a range with 6 saute pans working different things, I love learning something new each day.

If you are looking for a job, bang at every employers door until one lets you in... I know I would be willing to teach somebody in exchange for an extra hand in the kitchen.
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