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sous chef hard to find

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Hi I Have A Restaurant In Manhattan-new York. And I'm Looking For A Sous Chef, Which Has Been Very Hard To Find.

I'd Like To Know Which Sources Will Be Best To Post My Ads??

Please, Help Me With This.
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Craigslist has worked for me in the past. A sous is someone I usually like to promote from the line, there are no suprises for them, they've seen the job being done and usually have a really good idea what I expect from them. Your sous chef is the one person in the kitchen you can trust, the one who will fill your shoes and have unwavering loyalty. Of course that is a best case senario but you'll have a better chance if you know a little about how this person operates before hand. Unless someone comes highly reccomended from another chef, they usually will start out on the line and move up from there. Plus promoting from within sets an example for the others in the kitchen to follow: do a great job and be rewarded.
If this is a new place building a team from scratch, you'll be in the same position as I unfortunately...screwed. Looks like for the first month or so I will be exec and sous (and pastry) until the picture of who we've got becomes focused. My hope is that waiting a little bit will be easier that making a premature judgement and having to demote or fire someone later on. For me, I really need to have a firm grasp on who my sous is and how they work before I put my *** on the line for them. Remember, all sous chefs think they do all the work and get no credit. This is not true. I have never treated my any of my sous like a scapegoat or made one to be a workhorse that carries my load. This will just create resentment and problems. In our restaurant, we train ALL of our employees to treat the sous like me. Just as much their boss, just as capable cooking and leading as I am (and sometimes better) It's like when you vote for president, you never want to look at the vice president and be afraid he will ascend to the throne. He or she should be just as capable as the chef with the only difference being I get the final say in things (and a little more money) lol
Keep those fires burnin'
Keep those fires burnin'
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I would totally jump at that opportunity if New York were so much closer to Chicago.

I agree with Gladyce's opinion of promoting a cook that has proven their ability to fullfill the position.

How close are culinary schools (CIA?) to the establishment (not familiar with the NY area). Is it possible to inform the school of the opening and have them refer some of the more veteran students to apply? While fresh culinary grads might not be ready for this job, someone with prior cook/chef experience might be what you are looking for.
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I am looking for a new venture, I am currently a Sous Chef in mahatten now. here is my website, it has my resume and reccomendations. please check it, maybe we can work something out.
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The restaurant is in the upper west side of Manhattan. Please if you know any chef in manhattan let me know.
Thank you,
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I'm looking somebody with experience in Latin Cuisine.
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