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In the hot seat now!

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Our chef is leaving and hes only been around for 7 months. Before that, the previous chef was training in his replacement when she suddenly up and left...3 chefs in 2 years. Now I'm gonna be running the place till a replacement can be found but it won't be anytime soon either. Theres less then 2 months till all the fulltime students finish and theres no way to bring in someone new and train them in. I've helf the fort down on short term periods like a couple days, 2 weeks at the most so I handled all the micro managing like ordering, inventory, scheduling breaks, changing the menus around, etc.

Always up for a challenge but jeez, I have a little less then 2 years of experience just working in the feild let alone managing the kitchen. Gonna be pulling a lot of double shifts too to cover my job and the chef's. There is 1 silver lining though, I'm finally getting a pay raise. I don't know how much just yet since the chef gave his 2 week notice just yesterday.
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Headless- Congrats????? on the promotion!
Perhaps this is your chance to BECOME an exec... do your best- what else can they ask of you? We'll all be pullin for you!! Let us know how it goes! Do you have competant staff that you could perhaps delegate some smaller tasks off to? Stay organized! Good luck!
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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Unfortunatly, my staff are all unioned labourers, not skilled workers. Plus most are 50+ years old, I am litterally the youngest person working there. At least I've been able to impress the big boss though, the guy we all report to at the end of the day. He occasionally does suprises visits at the various sites making sure everything is status quo. Hopefully, with the semester dieing down, it won't be too hectic however usually around this time we do get hit with lots of catering orders since teachers like to host meetings and special end of the school year parties for their students or department.

Suffice to say, this will be an interesting 2 months.
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Just Go

Hi Headless. I'm very young in the postion that I'm in. I was very scared to take on certain positions till I took my work where I'm now. To put it in perspective: I'm turning 24, I am exec. of a kitchen of a place that is winning various awards for nr 1's in the world.. SO. DO NOT BE SCARED!! Trust me, it's all about hard work, a little *** kissing and little bull... O ya, got to know a little as well. If everybody under you respect you and support you, you will be fine. Cause itr will be all about leading (them that I mentioned previously), working easy with your big bosses (got to keep them happy) and handeling guests (keep them happier). basicly go for it, cause you will surprise yourself how stress and responsibility will make you better in that which you love doing already. Make this oppertunity part of your vision! By the way, I had this discusion with a student of myne today. On putting in more time than usual: it always works out. hang in there
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Not getting it now, the big cheese came in today with a new chef. Gave the man a quick tour and will be starting next monday so I'll be pulling double shifts to give him the basics of how and where things are.

This is assuming the new guy sticks of course, the last chef before the 1 thats leaving, left in the middle of training because she was too stressed out and couldn't handle it. Who knows the place may still yet be mine this summer...heres hoping for while also hoping against.
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Milk it for all it's worth for as long as you can. And ALWAYS be skeptical when your bosses blow any sunshine up your posterior. It's likely insincere. DO NOT listen to promises. DO NOT be drugged by praise.

Your bosses are in a jam. When you work them through it, look out.
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