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Escoffier Cookbook

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Hi folks,
Just a question about reference books. I'd like to get an English version of Le Guide Culinaire. It seems that the only one available is "The Escoffier Cookbook" which is apparently an abridged version of the original and it has American measurements. But it's pretty cheap at places like amazon.
Does anyone know if there is an English version that is relatively complete and where to find it?

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Crown Publishers were the ones to do the cookbook in 1941. I have the twenty-fourth printing from October 1963. They painstakenly took the time to not omit any ingredient or cooking term that couldn't be attained here (in USA) or translated into english.

I would highly recommond trying to find this version since it lists Escoffier as the Author. Here is a link to the version I have
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I picked up the original up from a thrift store for a dollar. It is invalubale(sp check) I like it almost as the larouse(sp check).
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