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I've just quit my job need help

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I've just quit my job, my boss kept insisting that i make work more of a priority than my schooling. Now im unemployed and have very little of an income saved up. On my last day of work the chef was pushing me around literally and threathened to fire me. he is a new chef to the place. ive worked with zero patience and zero tolerance chefs, i felt i was doing the best to my ability. now for the next part i used to be the sous in this restaurant and was always ready for service, he was not ready after 2 hours into service. he kept blaming me for not being ready. i guess that long story short is i am now in the process of 2 interviews i have done one and they had called my previous employer and they gave me a bad recommendation and was not hired at this new place. what would any of you guys do?
i am really mad that that has happened to me. before i left i was just a simple lead line cook, i worked twice a month to meet the demands of my job position. we had agreed on that and this new chef wanted more from me. input is appreciated.
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Coming from a strict Legal/Human Resources background with my previous employer (employees in Texas, California and Virginia), it is against the law for your previous employer to make any comment about your performance to a potential employer once you've been terminated, unless you gave them permission to contact your former employer for a reference. They are allowed to confirm dates of employment and your salary and whether or not you're on 'rehire' status. And even that last part is dangerous legally. Good luck.
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Well you could do what alot of us do, learn construction and get out of the kitchen.....LOL.
In all reality you could probally have another job tomorrow if you present yourself properly.
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yea i think that is what ill do just not allow them to call my previous employer. actually i like to cook but im working on my degree and i find cooking to be a nice experience for me and ive been able to make good money fast. i dont plan on being a chef for the rest of my life just through out school. thanks for the input
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Bijoink- did I understand your original post to say the chef physically assaulted you? That's way more than acting like a jerk, and imho there's another concern beyond your references there.

Here's hoping I misunderstood...:look:
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Here's what to do:

1. Were there any witnesses to your physical assault? If so, record their names and get their addresses before you forget who they were.

2. Record the exact date, time and circumstances under which the assault(s) ocurred. (Courts literally love detailed logs).

3. It is defamation of character to defame your performance and there is civil liability if they thereby prevent you from finding employment.

4. Hire one of those firms (they're all over the internet, check your BBB to find a good one) and have them call your previous employer for references. These people are good at what they do, and they will record exactly what is said about you and give you a copy.

5. Depending on what is said (was it true, exagerrated, out-right lies?), see a lawyer (there are legal firms that do pro bono work usually out of a "free-legal counsel type clinic) and find out if you have legal recourse.

6. If so, have the lawyer write a letter for you to send to your former employer. Make sure if there is more than one person defaming you, that they all get contacted by the "reference referral firm you hired" and make sure the lawyer names them all as appropriate in his letter. Then have him send the letter to these people.


They will shut the xxxx up, and only give out name, rank, and dates of employment from that point on. If they continue to disregard your lawyer's warning letter, follow through and sue them.

I'm sure your lawyer will work out a means by which he only gets paid if you collect.

Gotta stick together on these things, or the bad guys will win.

In time you will be a better person for it, and will learn what to do in the future should there be similar instances of this type of abuse. It is illegal to create a hostile environment for anyone, regardless if they're an employee or employer, and the employer has an obligation to provide a hostile free environment for you to work in. Have your lawyer confirm this!!

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Cut your losses and forget about it. If your good, explain the
situation at the previous facility, and offer to tryout or work for
a couple of days free. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Nobody
held a gun to your head, and it sounds like you should have left
before you did. In certain situations, its a no winner. You may be
able to finesse money out of this particular company, but, its not
something I would ever mention to anyone, especially a potential
employer. Of course it will be public information and anyone who
does a backround check will come across it. Florida has made all
workmans comp claims available for employers. Of course you can't
use this information as a deciding factor when hiring, but, who are
we kidding, in this litigous society, it does enter into the equation.
Good luck, if your worth your own wieght, you will find something
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