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Is Real Stock Commercially Available?

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I refuse to used canned stocks or broths like College Inn and others like it because you can't reduce it and I'm convinced the only reason it tastes like anything is because of the MSG. Does anyone know if there is a commercial supplier of real stock made from real bones?!

I have a personal chef business and I don't have the luxury of a commercial kitchen or a steam kettle to make huge batches of stock, so I spend a ridiculous amount of time making it.

Please let me know if you know of a source. If there's not one out there, maybe I should start my own stock company.

Thank you.
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I don't know the name of an actual source, but both in DC and now in Texas, I see it often in "gourmet" groceries -- a Whole Foods kind of place -- Sutton Gourmet used to have it too. Usually it's in the freezer section. I think it would be worth it to prep and a freeze a large quantity at home and then use for your personal chef business.

Good Luck!
Sweet Dreams!!
Sweet Dreams!!
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Yes, there is an excellent source for all
natural stocks and glaces already reduced, from a company in Wisconsin called Culinarte'.

These are perhaps the best commercial glaces I've ever tasted. In fact I've been in touch with the president of the company and also the Chef. Their number is 1/800/542-3032.

Ask for Ed Driscoll and tell him John Paul sent you. He will let you know where to find his product in your area.

They use fresh not frozen bones, mirepoix,bouquet garni, tomato, and that's it! No extracts, MSG, BHT, ect... You've got to try it.

John Paul Khoury,CCC

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Andrew, do not forget that Cooks Illustrated is aimed largely at the small town home cook whose only resource is the local supermarket. I make a huge batch of brown stock -sometimes poultry and sometimes veal, once every few weeks, concentrate it and freeze it in blocks so that I can cut off any amount with a chef's knife. However, when I want to use a simple stock in place of water I often resort to a decent canned broth and the recommendations given by Cooks Illustrated can be very useful.
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