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Burning Hands

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After 3 consecutive days preparing salads in a restaurant, I have developped some kind of rash on the back of my hands from hand-mixing the salads with the vinaigrette.

I noticed that it was particularily bad with cesar dressing indicating that it might be due to the garlic.

I haven't worked since Saturday and after regular applications of moisturizer my hands look normal again but they still hurt quite a bit.

Does anyone have any clues as to how to get rid of the toxins in the skin? Or do you think it's something unrelated?
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Try wearing gloves while you work. If the rash comes back still, at least you have eliminated the possibility that it is food related.
Anulos qui animum ostendunt omnes gestemus!
Anulos qui animum ostendunt omnes gestemus!
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I have gotten bad rashes from acidic things, such as kiwi fruit (kills) You might also have an allergy to latex (I do), if you happened to be wearing latex gloves. Get the non-latex gloves for work. If they don't supply them there, you can get them usually at a drugstore or surgical supply place. When I have had a problem I have used a product called Bag Balm (yup)that can either be found in a drug store, or through the Vermont Country Store. If you can put it on at night and wear cotton gloves to bed, that will speed up the healing. Avoid any perfumed creams - vaseline is also good.
Hope this helps! Ouch!:frown:
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thanks for the advice

I wasn't working with gloves. I have fairly sensitive skin but I fear that wearing gloves might slow me down (changing gloves each time I make a new salad which is sometimes every minute)

I'll try to look for that cream Lori. If nothing else works or if my skin doesn't toughen up I'll start wearing gloves.
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Shao Xing wine? Really! I'm surprised it doesn't make it worse..

It's really not that bad - yet. I'll see how it goes next week. For now I think I'll go find my shea butter that I forgot I had in my medicine cabinet.
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ahah, time for my 2 cents worth (not that much considering $1AUD = approx 55cents USD)

anyway, there are many preparations that MAY help. Some of these are things like: Cetaphil lotion, (use instead of soap), Hydrocortisone bpp (approx 1% i.e. cortaid), Diprosone - betamethasone diproprionate, Panafcort - prednisone (v dangerous stuff, very much capable of causing a ulcer at the very least, could cause extreme calcium loss)

There are other treatments available, i.e. PUSA and PUBA uv light treatments, exclusion diets (as a chef, very unlikely, atleast from where i stand).

OK, over here in Australia, we have a vinyl PowderLess foodservice grade glove called "Ansell Fresh Touch Clear" which is a non latex and non powdered glove which i find a very good if not better alternative to Latex.

I will explain why; - Latex gloves form proteins which can be absorbed by the skin under duress - i.e. high heat , sweaty conditions. This is further exacerbated by the use of powdered latex gloves which can often cause a unwanted corn allergy. Why?, you ask, easy - the powder inside the gloves is cornflour - a slurry of cornflour and water is what the latex gloves are dipped into to create that easy in feeling. Unfortunately, During this process, any of the proteins remaining inside the glove (usually quite a few) will bond to the cornflour and then create a double allergy.

Anyway, if things get really bad, there are also treatments using the likes of: Coal Tar (Liquid Carbonis Detergens) soaks and intramuscular cortisone injections.

Try also to not get too involved in too much wet work. Constantly dry your hands especialy if you are using gloves (after washing).

Ive had the bloody dermatitis thingy for well over 6 years and im still going.

Even to a point, where the pharmaceutical Co.'s send me a bottle of scotch each Xmas.

umm, Per Ardua Ad Astra.

Contac dermatitis really bites.
"Nothing quite like the feeling of something newl"
"Nothing quite like the feeling of something newl"
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intramuscular cortisone injections? Ouch!
I bought a box of latex-free medical gloves yesterday. I'll be testing them out tonight. I'll keep you posted.

(Hope they send you some good scotch for your pain :D )
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