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Need help with recipe for whipped cream

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for 100 people outdoor barbecue on July 4th.

Using real heavy cream
real vanilla
powdered sugar
chilled metal bowl

Thinking maybe 4 qts.2 tbsp sugar for each quart.

also, does it make sense to add unflavored gelatin to stabilize it?

Thanks in advance,

Mark Darragh
On The Mark PCS Inc.
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Is the cream, once whipped, supposed to hold up for a long time? Refrigerated or not? Will people be helping themselves or will someone be plating? Using powdered sugar should stabilize it for a little while because of the cornstarch in the sugar. You might even add just a little more by sifting it with the powdered sugar before you add it to the cream. I don't recommend gelatin because it completely changes the texture of the cream. I don't really care for cornstarch (or even powdered sugar) either, but would prefer it over gelatin. One way I've been able to hold whipped cream for longer periods of time without any stabilizers is by placing it in cheesecloth on top of a rack or a strainer. This allows the liquid to drain from it, leaving the air bubbles trapped in the butterfat to remain. You might be able to do this. If you get a mettal ring, stretch a piece of muslin or double layer of cheesecloth over it and secure it. Then you can lay this at the bottom of a bowl leaving some air space beneath the ring for drainage.

Normally, I whip the cream in ice bath to soft peaks and then fold in superfine sugar. By the time the sugar is folded in, the cream should reach firm peaks. The sugar will stay grainy for only a moment before it dissolves into the cream. I never dissolve the sugar in the liquid cream before whipping because it never whips as fluffy. And I always whip by hand. During the winter menu, I had to whip close to two gallons of vanilla bean infused cream every five days by hand. The pastry chef insisted that this is the only way to do it because the mechanic motion of the machine makes the butterfat coagulate too rapidly so we get unevenly whipped cream. And because it is whipped unevenly, the liquid will cause the ceram to deflate faster. We were able to keep hand whipped cream in a container in the walk in for five days with no drainage. Amazing.

I don't think there's any way to hold whipped cream outdoors or even indoors on a hot day. perhaps you might want to use those new canisters for whipped cream. They look like a thermos but have some sort of gas bullet you insert to add pressure. Then you squeeze the nozzle and get whipped cream (like readi-whip).

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SmartGirl to the rescue!
SmartGirl to the rescue!
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Also look around for cream that is not ultrapasteurized, as it seems to hold air better when whipped.
It's not Dairy Queen.
It's not Dairy Queen.
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There is a product called Cobasan (made in Europe, and I'm thinking it's German or Swedish, but I could be wrong). Check out , and look for Jan Sen liquid cream stabilizer. It's glycerine based.

Somehow, I think Albert Uster might sell it, too.
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PS- I agree that gelatine changes the texture of whipped cream. But I also find that granulated sugar softens it faster than 10x.
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I love pure whipped chantilly cream on everything. I love it in my coffee, my tea, my well, you get the picture. I must commend all of you for holding fast to your convictions. But in this case, being a 4th of July outdoor barbecue, I must say (don't kill me) compromise. Depending on the air temperature and the time it's going to sit out, you might have no choice but to stabilize it with gelatin or stabilizer.

Good luck :)

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I assume that you intend to keep it on ice. Chill them in small bowls, and keep the backups covered, so the sun doesn't get to 'em.
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Thanks for the feedback. It will be in an ice bath in a metal bowl. Probably done in two or three batches.
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The berries and fresh whipped cream were a huge hit! Used heavy cream, real vanilla, confectioner's sugar and cold metal bowl. Kept the cream in a bowl with an ice bath. It did not stay around long enough to melt although it was hot and humid yesterday.
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..Nothing quite like fresh whipped cream...

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