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Freezing corn

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Each summer I go to the fruit & vegetable market and buy fresh white silver Queen corn to freeze. I usually put up about 40 quarts of corn to be used the following year. I always blanch my corn on the cob for about 3 minutes in boiling water with a little sugar added. I then plunge the cob into ice water. I then cut and scrape the corn fromm the cob and put it into freezer bags. I have had exellent results. But, a neighbor told me she freezes her corn without blanching it. I don't understand this. Am I doing my corn right? Also, I have always frozen my corn the day I purchase it. How long can you keep corn before it is not suitable for freezing? I had a freezer go out on me, and I couldn't put up the corn I had purchased. I had it three days before my new freezer arrived. But, I threw the corn out. I was afraid it wasn't fresh enough. Was I right?

Thank you Pj
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When I freeze corn I do almost exactly as you .. I cook off the ears (boiled or grilled), hit the ice water, remove the kernels, I then spread the kernels on a sheet pan and freeze individually (kind of a in house IQF), then bag and tag ... makes it easier to grab a small portion out of the bag.

You do need to preblanch most veg before freezing or the enzyme reactions will continue even in the freezer causing a loss of nutrients and off flavors. Blanching won't stop these reactions, but it will slow them to a great degree.

The freshness is an individual call for me .. I don't go by how long I have had it on hand, but how the product looks and tastes.
Every time I get near a freezer I hear voices from the past telling me that freezing won't improve squat .. so if it is marginal before the freeze it will unacceptable after..

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Thanks Julie. The information is so appreciated. Wow! Pj
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Thank you, thank you pj
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I just saw yesterday the best way to freeze corn is simply do not shuck it and put it in a zip lock bag, then in the freezer. I read the previous posts about enzymes etc, the reasoning for this is once corn is harvested, the starches start to change, so for best freshness and flavor, don't do anything to it at all besides put it in a bag to freeze.
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Thank you for the suggestion. I have heard of this method, but if space in the freezer is limited, freezing the corn is bags is the only solution. But, I will have to try this method and do a taste test.

Thanks for the input.


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