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Flor de Sal, Portugal's fleur de sel, is from Eastern Algarve of Portugal. It appears to be hand harvested from the top of the water, much the same as Fleur de sel. I've never tried it...I would assume it's similar in structure.

Here is a you tube video of some fleur de sel. I do not speak French so I have no idea if the people are indeed talking about the salt, developing the land or what??? It does appear that at the end they might be saying something about the birds adding a little flavor to the salt as well :talk:

YouTube - Les marais salants français, vieux de deux mille ans !

Here is a video of a man raking some early harvested salt

YouTube - Première récolte de Fleur de Sel par Olivier Chenelle

I'm not quite sure who you were talking about boring people with this stuff? Huh :confused: Boring? No way!

edit add: another video...
YouTube - Au nom du sel


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Whilst I have fleur de sel in my pantry - I tend to use the East Anglian sea salt that is used by many British chefs - Maldon.
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