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Christmas cookies

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I would like a good recipe for "Thumb print cookies" that you fill with jam. I have lost my recipe. My lost recipe called for butter and I think cream cheese, along with flour and chopped nuts. You roll then in nuts. Anybody know of this recipe? and maybe a melt in your mouth recipe for Wedding cookies. I tried another recipe, and they turned out awful; like golf balls. Guess I did something really wrong! I want the melt in your mouth type like I used to bake coated in powdered sugar. PJ


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Dear Julie,

You have come through for me again. Just the recipes I was seeking. I am recovering from a bad cold, which put my baking on hold for a couple of days. (Got my flu shot late,) so guess I got myself exposed to cold germs before the flu shot could work on me. My huband had the cold first, and passed it to me. He believes in sharing! Ha. I think tomorrow I will be up to the task of baking once more. Hope you are feeling okay yourself. Thanks, thanks, and more thanks., and Happy Holidays to you and yours..PJ
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