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Squid Spirals

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I had dinner in a Thai restaurant tonight. We had a wonderful fish soup. I was surprised to see a few rigatoni (? - the spirals) noodles floating about. When I tasted it, I realised it was a beautifully shaped squid segment. Pleasant surprise!

Does anybody know how to get them that way?

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i do believe that squid bodies cut and prepared in the asian manner tends to curl up like that.

In order to do that, cut the tube into longish strips and lightly score them with a knife. Once the squid cooks, it will curl up and the scores will form a diamond pattern.
"Nothing quite like the feeling of something newl"
"Nothing quite like the feeling of something newl"
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If you cut squid into squares, four by four cm, and cut a diamond pattern into each (you could also do rings). The diamond pattern will make the squid pieces curl into little pine-cones.

Squid will generally tend to curl up into small pieces by nature when cooked.
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Just to add to nick's and cchui's response; when you are scoring the squid , do it on the inside of the squid.

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