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That rice...

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Many moons ago, we had an informal dinner with a co-worker of my wife's who happened to be Indian. She made, among other things, a big pot of jasmine rice that she warned us to be careful of. I thought, "Pah, what could she do to rice?" and had a big scoop.

Turns out there was more to the answer than I thought possible. That rice almost blew my doors off with a deep but flavorful heat. Unfortunately, I know very little of the cultures and cuisine of the Indian subcontinent, and at the time I was not the foodie that I am now, so I didn't think to ask what was in the rice.

So now I'm asking. Has anyone encountered something like this? There were no obvious additions to the rice such as chilis or other spices.:confused:

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Maybe a few drops of chilli oil?? I have a bottle of this stuff and it is wicked!
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No idea but I'd like to mention that jasmine rice is big in Thai cusine too.
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