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Steak Houses

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OK...I miss regular steakhouses that aren't run by famous chefs. I have been to a number of good steakhouses in my time. And here in Vegas, there are a ton of classier steak houses which are very good.

But I am looking for the names of those great steakhouses that you see on TV or hear stories about from friends. You know the kind....they bring you a plate overflowing with a tender, juicy steak and maybe bring you some fries or chili and nothing else.

My wife said she remembers going to a few when she lived in Texas YEARS AGO as a kid, but doesn't recall much detail.

The only one I can remember fitting my own description (it's been years since I have been there) is a place called "Wool Growers" up in northern California in a small town called Los Banos. It was a 7 course meal with the climax being a plate with a gigantic steak on it sitting in its own juices. I remember it as being heaven, but again...its been years!

Anyone willing to share their favorite common-man steak house locations with me? Thanks!
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Stewey, if the steak was the climax of a 7 course meal, what did they fill you up with the first six?

I've never heard of the kind of place you describe. Every steak house I've ever been in had a menu, and regular ordering and presentation.
They have taken the oath of the brother in blood, in leavened bread and salt. Rudyard Kipling
They have taken the oath of the brother in blood, in leavened bread and salt. Rudyard Kipling
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Yes I remember one in my home town of Lancaster ,PA they served your steak with a potato usely fried or baked a salad and the best garlic bread ever.A piece of italian bread smeared with fresh butter,garlic, then topped with blue cheese dressing not much then stuck under the broiler until bubbly.
Steaks also topped with sauteed mushrooms or onion rings of course everything home made
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Ah yes...the other courses...

The steak was the climax, not the end of the 7...so the included dessert was the 7th course. It wasn't anything fancy...just a cup of fresh ice cream likely from one of the local dairy farms in and around the merced area. Being so long ago, I don't recall the exact order of the items so I will try my best to recall the items.

There was, of course, the warm breads and butters. Then there was a soup. Then also a salad...i think it was mostly greens in italian dressing. Then they brought out a bowl of pork'n'beans. Then there was some sort of cauliflower dish--I had never had cauliflower before, but I liked this well enough. Then the dish served just before the steaks arrived was some sort of lamb stew. I liked this a lot I remember. Then, like I said, the steaks and dessert.

the way you ordered was just telling the waitress which cut you would like. The meats I remember them having was Prime rib, NY steak, lamb (shank or chop, I don't remember), roast chicken, filet, and that is all I remember. When the steaks would come out they would come out with salty steak fries, but when eaten with the steaks, the amount of salt on the fries were just perfect. Man...it's been about 20 years since I have been there. My Bro-in-law went to it maybe 12 years ago at a second location...I only knew of one location. the other thing I remember was that there were no tables. It was just a dim-lit hall with maybe 4 or 5 rows of LOOOOOONG picnic tables and benches.

The only things my wife remembers about the steak house that she went to in Texas was that the steaks were gigantic and her dad couldn't finish it.

Man....I am getting hungry just thinking about steaks!:p
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'Steak' places in the UK died a death at the time of BSE... But I can get a wonderful Aberdeen Angus filet steak at any number of local restaurants - but as steak is not their only dish, they don't make that a priority in their advertisements!
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The Roadhouse up in Eugene OR is pretty darn tootin tasty, if you can get past the absolute mess of peanut shells all over the **** floor...LOL.
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