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Creative Kitchen or just a job?

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The Food & Hospitality Industry is very interesting – but what makes it more exciting is the people you work with. For some it’s a job – for others is a process to follow. Sure we have all made suggestions – but what about “Creative Cooking”? Look at the menu of where you work…have you made any suggestions? Sure you did – but how. If all you did was just make a suggestion – did it change? What experiences could you share over suggesting a change in a menu & what happened – Plus did it change? And did you ever creatively create a tasty dish of what you talked about? Because we all know – presentation, along with taste is the seller!! Share your thoughts!! :roll:
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Hello I'm Lisa

Hello Everyone!

My name is Lisa and I am a producer for a production company who specializes in filming cooking shows for chefs ....wanting their own show.

I enjoy cooking and horseback riding
Glad to be here
Taste This Production
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You haven't said where you are based, but suspect that, judging by your spelling, you are American?!
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Well, I'm pretty much the lead banquet cook, so I write the menu for the buffet every day except the two days the banquet chef and I are both there.
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I design my own menus, when I need a change of pace I alter what I do....come up with an event, work on classes, write, go product hunting......
creativity is backbone to my life w/o it life would not be viable and the twinkle would leave my eyes.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Just a job for me. Well I'm still learning a lot anyways. I need to learn the grill and expo more. I'm just the fry guy. The food is really straight forward though. Just add butter, everything is butter haha. All I've been doing is working the chains. I would like to work at the Dutch's Daughter or somewhere more high class in dining.
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