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Goose Dinner

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I'm planning to prepare goose for Christmas dinner this year. I have never prepared goose before.

Does anyone have any tips or great recipes?

I was planning on using a recipe that I found on Gourmet's site, it's Roast Goose with Port Gravy, but it seems a little plain.
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Be warned that goose contains a huge amount of fat that will easily ignite a fire in the oven if you are not mindful. Set it on an elevated rack and drain often if your roasting pan is small. Goose is delicate in flavor so you do not need a heavy sauce. A citrus sauce is best, I think. Make sure you crisp the skin or it will be chewy. You can do this by starting in a very hot oven and then reducing the temp after about 30 minutes to slow the internal cooking.
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I made the goose using the Gourmet recipe. It was FABULOUS!!!! By using a baster to remove the fat from the pan every 20 minutes, the amout of fat was managable. I highly recommend trying goose.
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I used the goose fat to cook potatoes and served them with the goose.
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