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It's funny you should say that, my Advantium will be 10 years old in a couple of months, and it still works like new.  I have had to change the light bulb, but otherwise no problems.  As a matter of fact, I am renovating my kitchen next month, and am trying to find a stainless door to replace the white one.  I do not want to trash the oven because it still works like new, and I really like it.



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We've loved our advantium microwave since we bought it in 2004!!!
The only issue we've ever had is a broken door latch, twice. It's a very easy fix.
Don't know anything about all the bad luck others have had.
We'd buy another again!!!!!!
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I have ( had) an advantium 120..loved it so much.  Sunday was melting some chocolate in a little glass dish..the fabric started burning thru and arcing and it had a flame inside.  I will miss it so much but scared to purchase another one after this.  It was about 6 years old and I did use it especially the speed cook.

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Originally Posted by HomeMadeCook View Post

I was also planning to buy a convection electric oven, lucky for for that Dan had posted reviews on this product. Now, I'll look for other brand when it comes to oven. :)

Yea thanks for the good information

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Thank you for the warning on this product.  

I had been very seriously considering buying the Advantium 120 until I read your review.  It boasts a number of cooking features I have not seen on any other microwave convection ovens, so I was quite intrigued. However after reading this horror story and the ones that follow, I intend to now look elsewhere.

Best regards,


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I too bought the GE Advantium 120 in January of 04. Although I loved it in the beginning it turned into nothing but trouble. My door cracked twice which the repairman blamed on the heat rising from the stove, mind you it is made to be mounted above the stove, supposedly. It has stalled out a few times during microwave use but after a day or two it would resume working. Just yesterday while using the convection oven it just completely died. Absolutely nothing works, I am so dissappointed in this product and I would seriously warn any one considering it to deffinately beware!

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Can you share any insight on how to convert recipies for speedcooking in the Advantium?

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I think Sears has cheapened the appliances. Like you, I used to trust their appliances. A few years ago my great Sears vacuum of 25 years or more died, so i went right back to Sears fora replacement. The new one was a piece of crap. The old one was so much better. Barely 3 years old now & babied every time it was used just because it was so cheesy, it has lost suction to the point i bought another vac for the floor and only use the Sears on the drapes. Also i had my fridge die & the repairman said not to get a Kenmore because they no longer used the great Whirlpool compressors like they used to, but have cheap Chinese ones in their refrigerators now. Whirlpool still uses the good ones, (and also Estate (subsidiary of Whirlpool). And whatever you do, don't get anything Haiet makes. I have a portable A/C of theirs. Will not drain the water. Leaks all over the floor. Junk.

As for GE stoves, I still have one I got about 15years ago. At the time they were advertising that the oven was extra large. But it isn't. Just regular size. One turkey takes the whole rack & side dishes have to go on the other one. Plus all 4 burners are too hot unless you practicallyturn them off. Not much control.
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Four years new GE Advantium 120. Broken. No power, completely dead. Now what? Wish I had read all the reviews on it. Out of warranty, estimate for repair more than the cost. Can anyone give me suggestions?



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We bought a GE Advantium 120 about 10 years ago and love it! Maybe they have gone down hill since, but ours is still going strong.

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We bought our house in 2001 and with it came the Advantium 120.  It has worked fine except when we heat water on the stove.

In the vent right above the control panel, condensation builds up from the steam that rises from the pan of waster on the stovetop and causes sparking when we start the microwave.  When it sparks, there is a loud popping that scares the heck out of anyone in the kitchen.

Today, we were cleaning jars for canning and the sparking started on it's own.  I put a towel over the opening above control panel to keep any more steam from getting into the electric parts of the oven.


So far it hasn't caused any damage, but it is definitely shocking when the sparks fly.


Does anyone know if there is a recall on this product?

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I understand this thread is a couple years old but we just replaced our 120 Advantium 27" wall oven and thought I would share our experiences.


We purchased our original unit about the same time this thread had started but if I remember correctly, I don't believe it went into service until May.


We use our Advantium almost every day. Not really in microwave or speed cook but as a warming, proofing and convection oven. It especially comes in handy during the Holidays and gives us a third option in addition to the Profile double convection. We had pretty good luck, over-all, with ours. The only major issue was a bad magneto but that is a one in a million issue and can happen to any manufacturer. The most pesky issue was the light bulb but we had an extended service agreement with the dealer we purchased it from and it was replaced without questions. I vaguely remember needing a new convection fan but that was right at the time many GE ovens were experiencing that problem.


The first oven served us faithfully for almost 8 years. Granted I would have liked to get a couple additional years, given the cost, but we really did use it allot! Anyhow, I'm guessing one of the control modules or maybe the board failed because I set some pizza in to hold while I picked the DD up from school, and when I came home the oven was actually over heating for the desired setting.


Yes, there is an inherent risk in using anything when you are not home and this potentially could have been a problem because any cooking tool can malfunction and the reason why but I also knew I would be gone long enough to cause a catastrophe. Anyhow, when I hit off, the oven continued to heat with the display registering coll down mode. That's when I knew it had to be replaced. Even though the repair could have been less than a new model, it was 8 years old and we are in the middle of replacing all the painted face appliances with Stainless. For the repair to be cost effective, I needed to perform the work and I just don't know enough about them for that to happen.


We did purchase the new model and so far, it looks like GE has done some major improvement's. Although we never had an issue, the handle has been redesigned and is much more durable than even the one we had. They increased the gap between the top edge of the door and control panel to allow for greater ventilation so this should reduce any heat issues people may have had with the control board.  We've had it installed now for a week and seems to be working just great! Mostly used as a warming or holding oven this last week, we haven't used the convection oven yet but that may get changed today. Tuna noodle casserole is possibly on the menu and that oven works perfect for smaller casseroles. I had thought about upgrading to the 240v model but it wasn't worth the hassle of running new electric to that portion of the kitchen....again....and we would have needed to replace the cabinet...also again...... since the 240 is the 30" model.


I can't speak for the over the range model and with all the heat that can be generated on a stove-top that might be the source of some of the issues but......if you find yourselves needing to replace an existing Advantium wall oven or have never replaced the original or have a gaping hole in a cabinet from where one was removed, it might be worth a shot to try the new model.

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Hello folks;  I am an electronic engineer, I did oceanographic research work in the navy for 25 years.  Why don't a few of your folks with the GE Advantium oven that no longer works get them to me so I can take them apart and find out what the problem is.  I have fixed many things over the years and I have 6 patents dealing with sonar, i bet I can fix your oven, let me try.  Please email me at   I am in north east  Iowa, Cresco


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I pick up unwanted appliances for repair or scrap. The customer got rid of a 2002 GE Advantium. The microwave portion gave out, replaced it under warranty, then the warranty replacement gave out. She said she gave up trying to replace it and has gone back the traditional Stove and then a separate microwave oven. I told her it's always a better idea to keep appliances separate like that. I have a beef with GE dryer inferiority, this surprises me because GE owns Raytheon, the world's largest most powerful defense agency, the last thing we need are our own defense weapons malfunctioning and destroying all of us, so you would think GE should be able to build better products, but they don't. I see more serious failures in the very high dollar appliances with more features. It doesn't matter for example if you spend $3000 for a refrigerator, the failure comes from inferior circuit board capacitors, relays, and other parts. Watch the youtube video "The Light Bulb Conspiracy", that explains it all.

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I have a very expensive GE dual fuel stove and an over the range GE microwave, both went bad in 6 years. GE is junk IMO.

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I have an Advantium oven manufactured in 1999. I use both the microwave and the speedcook every day and could not live without it. I have never had a repair despite the fact that I am very negligent about cleaning it. Love love this appliance.
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With any product it is usually those with a bad experience that we hear about.  Purchased our Advantium in 2004 and until last week it has worked perfectly. used daily for over 10 years. But now the stop/cancel button does not work.

Anyone know were or how to get it fixed.


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Our Advantium 120 just quit heating food on microwave mode but still works as an oven.  We have had it for around 12 years as it was manufactured in 2003.  There has been only one time in the past when we had to replace a minor part.  It has worked great for all these years and we have had no problems with it.  It will cost me $250-300 to repair or I could get a new one for $900-1000.  Since it is so old, it is recommended that we get a new one.  I am even considering getting an electrician to rewire so I can get the 240. After reading all these negative comments, I am worried that the new ones are just not made as well as the old ones were. Maybe I'd be better off paying for the repair?

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Have had a 240 otr for about 13 years. Microwave went out and will repair myself for about $155. Hard to go back to anything else. 13 years of daily use is a good run. I even originally bought off ebay from an appliance store that had installed on a house boat that couldn't handle the power draw. No food ever actually cooked in it and for $800 shipped, well worth it. I did have to pull my own 240 wire.
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We have the same unit have had it for 7 years not a problem and like you cook and bake  in it every day! Other than the cost of the install dedicated 6" vent and the 220 circuit.

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