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Recipe search engine

Poll Results: Did you find the recipe you were looking for?

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Looking for a recipe involving chicken Cinnamon and finding it difficult to sort search results, I decided to create a recipe search engine, worth trying it out!

World Wide Recipe Search - The Recipe Search Engine

Any feedback would be welcome :lips:

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Works well, good job :cool:
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Google's online webpublisher. Thanks Schleifer. As a matter of etiquette, please introduce yourself on the welcome forum.
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I'm not quite sure I understand what you are doing.. I tried your recipe search engine and looked for 2 things. Chocolate cake and a chicken recipe..

Both times your recipe search engine thing, took me to the google search thing.. So why would you want to create another if it yours just turns into google anyway??

Also, none of the sites/links that came up using your recipe search engine, would open for me when I clicked on them..

I then tried the same thing with just the google search. No problem with them opening there.

One more thing.. using your search engine thing, the first link for chocolate cake that came up was completely different than the first link that came up on my google search..
That's the only difference I could find. (well except for your links not opening for me)

Hope I've made sense here!
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Recipe Search


Thanks for the feedback, the idea of this recipe search which uses Google technology is that I have isolated all the best recipe sites and those only are searched for recipes thus giving very accurate results to those searching.:lips:

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